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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Reading the tealeaves of our time.

Let's see if this can come together in some sort of coherent fashion.

1) Our southern border is now more porous than a sieve. I'd say we'll soon seen ICE providing free rides to the city of choice for anyone coming north but that bit of sarcasm may be more true than not.

2) The Dumbass-In-Chief is committed to closing Gitmo. Supposedly he always favored this but is now more committed since he's looking to leave a "legacy". Maybe the increased possibility of more 9/11 style attacks will be that legacy. Something to look forward to I'm sure.

3) Our military's morale is dropping quickly as their hands are tied by asinine rules of engagement for any combat roles they're involved in, they're treated like a sociological petri dish for any wingnut experiment in the name of gender/sexual orientation equality. Let's not forget how there has also been an increased animosity displayed towards Christianity in general.

4) The local police forces throughout the nation are being targeted as racist bigots every time some dumbass decides to commit suicide by cop. Some nutjob academic has even gotten acceptance of the idea that the racist attitudes of police may be entirely subconscious in nature, therefore they should be aggressively addressed by deliberate avoidance of busting minority lawbreakers. No, I'm not making this up.

Then theres the other items such as sucking up to the Castro brothers, downplaying any slaughter of Middle Eastern Christians by Muslims, the abandonment of traditional allies in favor of traditional enemies, the list goes on and on.

We have two more years at a minimum to endure this. I say "at a minimum" because I still have the firm belief we'll see some "crisis" justifying the imposition of martial law and suspension of any national elections. Tin foil hat thinking? Let's hope that's all it is.

But with all these items in mind I'll be putting in more time at the range. The wife is also getting her CHL class paid for by me as a late Christmas present. Call me paranoid.

Merry Stinking Christmas, God's will be done and may He have mercy upon us all.

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THIS is depressing!!
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