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Thursday, October 02, 2014

The VA, Ebola and me.

The family and I live about 35 miles northeast of Dallas. The wife works at the Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas. If the name sounds familiar, thats where we now have a walk-in case of Ebola making the news. Maybe it shouldn't be "walk-in" as he was delivered by an ambulance, but he DID initially show up under his own steam at the ER few days prior to that.


FWIW, the wife works nowhere near where "Ebola Man" is now located. She's safe.

So as soon as the man is diagnosed it appeared that everyone in authority and his brother loudly proclaimed, "Nothing to fear, we got it. No problem. Don't be looking behind any curtains."

Yeah right.

One of the lessons learned over the past 62 years has been that when everyone starts saying, "No problem." there is a definite problem not being addressed.

So today I was scheduled to go to the Dallas VA for a followup visit with my doctor there. I cancelled it because I can easily visualize some guy sitting next to me in the waiting area as he shows all the outward signs of flu. Flu is what Ebola can be mistaken for until you start oozing blood out of every hole of your body. Got the picture?

I'll just sit things out here in my little farming community for the next few weeks. That should be long enough for whatever is going to happen to appear.

Did you hear they now have 100 people under surveillance for this disease that poses "no problem"?

Sometimes paranoiacs have a reason for their suspicions.

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Old Bob said...

My dad (WWII Army and FBI) once remarked that paranoia, in an American spy in Moscow, is a survival trait.

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