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Sunday, July 06, 2014

Showdown in Murrietta?

Here's the link:

So we'll soon see the iron fist taken from the velvet glove as the Feds wade into the fray. Maybe this will cause those protesting to back off, maybe they'll go home muttering in defeat and disgust, flinging themselves into their recliner while grabbing the remote to watch some tube.

Maybe not. Maybe we'll see another confrontation ala Cliven Bundy. Maybe the lit match will hit the spilled gas and a new era of civil warfare will erupt.

If the standoff won't get things going, maybe some epidemics will:

Honestly it sounds so typical of Big Brother, i.e. "Let's not tell the man in the street how fubar things are and maybe the problem will resolve itself." Sometimes I wonder if the denizens in Foggy Bottom have to recite that mantra as a secret password to enter their office in the morning. That snark applies to both sides of the aisle. This immigration debacle is a prime example of the politicians trying their best over the years to sweep it under the rug when possible and put a smiley face sticker on it when they can't. IMO there should have been a 20 ft. high chain link fence, topped with concertina wire erected on the border decades ago. To augment that the Feds should have mined the perimeters for 20 yards out on both sides, with multiple signs for the next outer 10 yards that would advise everyone just what to expect when crossing the border. If that sounds barbaric, heartless, cruel, etc. then answer me this, "If our nation is so cruel why do we need fences to keep people OUT rather than in (ala Cuba and all former border nations of the USSR?)".

Ya know I really sympathize with anyone trying to get in via legal or illegal means. We had a guy in our men's retreat group at our church a few years back who was of questionable status. He told some real horror stories in the short time we were there. They involved getting shot at, his kid's safety, his in laws hard luck. I really felt for him.

But how much can we as a nation take on? Aside from the strain of so many new immigrants on our basic infrastructure, just what do they have to look forward to in the long run? Let's face it, by utilizing so many underpaid, non benefit drawing humans we've got a form of financial slavery going on right now. Riddle me this; Is it really compassion to allow so many to come to this nation where they'll basically work as a perpetual underclass as long as they remain officially "off the radar" ?  We've a nation where their desirability to be hired is based in a large part on a willingness to work for slave wages, how humane is that really? While they're doing this they're apart from their home, much of their extended family, their culture. How fucking humanitarian is that?

If we want to be truly Christian in this we should aid in the development of the nations these folks come from. That aid would NOT be our reflexive hurling money at them. It hasn't worked in decades, it ain't ever going to work.

Do I know exactly what would satisfactorily work? No, I don't. But I do know we helped two nations rebuild themselves from the ground up after WWII. Those two would be Germany and Japan. It wasn't done by just tossing money at the fat cats in charge, placing our hands in our pockets and walking away whistling. We were a lot more intimately involved, having kicked the snot out of those nations had something to do with it, so that particular paradigm couldn't be followed in our present situation. But I bring it up to illustrate there's more than one way to help a country get on it's feet.

This is all off the original topic, right now we should focus on where our own nation is heading. From where I sit it doesn't look good. Let some sort of epidemic break out, even for something as innocuous as the common cold, and all hell will follow.

God's will be done, may He have mercy upon us all.


Adrienne said...

Have you seen this? Have no idea if it's true, but it would't surprise me.

We just saw Dinesh D'Souza's movie FABULOUS!!! A must see.

Subvet said...

Adrienne, no I haven't seen it personally (I assume you're talking about the Feds getting involved). But with the arrogance of this Administration I'm inclined to believe it. I'll check out the movie too. Thanks for the shoutout on your blog!

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