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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Will the braclets have yellow star pendants too?

This is just off the charts stupid:

It's scary too.

Full disclosure time: I actually think some time should be spent on a national debate regarding gun control. There, I said it. Now grab the pitchforks and torches, I'll be waiting.

However in my own defense I'd like to add that several years ago I gave up advocating for any exploration into the merits of gun control. This was because there is no possibility of finding common ground between the wingnuts driving the issue. On the left there are fools who faint if a six year old points a finger at someone and yells "BANG!" while on the right the counterparts of those fools thinks it's perfectly okey-dokey to have your very own ICBM in the back yard.

When I gave up advocating for a discussion I went to the "own the ICBM" party. At least they aren't trying to take anything away from anyone!

So about those bracelets.

Hey, we're proven geniuses at demonizing whoever might be out of favor at the moment. Look at cigarette smoking, it's gone from being considered unhealthy to downright evil & immoral. "Back in the day" having a good smoke was considered relaxing. Even Rudyard Kipling thought more highly of his cigars than a woman: . Now you half expect the smell of fire and brimstone when someone indulges in a still highly legal activity.

Back to the main topic.

I don't want to be tracked via a bracelet or any other device. I don't want the government to know whenever I might squeeze off a few rounds. I want the government out of my life, period.

Ya know how the German Nazis knew with unerring efficiency who was Jewish? They had highly detailed census data to rely upon. Census data taken in 1934 with the full compliance of a docile population. Check it out if you don't believe me:

So yeah, giving the government any more information about me or my actions is scary. In plain unadorned English: FUCK 'EM!!! ( so much for my resolution to clean up the trash talk )

Thanks for listening, God's will be done.

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Vigilis said...

Subvet, message received and well said. From the tone of your post and the fact that pain is relative, I gather your knee is not bothering you much of late.

Good, and may God's will be done!

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