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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The apathy of Park Rangers.

One of the things I've found disturbing in stories of various parks being closed during this government shutdown is the willing compliance of those putting up the barricades. How do you sleep at night after trying to bar 85-90 yr old veterans from an open air park that commemorates their sacrifices?  Ditto for the Viet Nam War memorial, the overlooks facing Mr. Rushmore, etc.

A job is just a job, there are times when the man in the street has to show some backbone and if that entails telling the boss to pack sand when ordered to perform such idiocy then so be it.

I know we all eat a crap sandwich at times in order to stay employed, been there and done that. Toothpaste and mouthwash work wonders. Don't forget to floss!

Bet when the time comes to be a man, you stand up and do it. Otherwise you're the subject of articles like this one;

Face it, nobody in this nation starves due to a lack of employment. Maybe you'll wind up living under a highway overpass for a while and your family stays with the in laws or other folks, but in the long run it'll be worth it.
Because no matter how great medical science has become, spine implants aren't available.

For those who wholeheartedly approve of the tactics the government has indulged in, I can only say there are more two legged worms in this world than need be.

In the meantime it appears John & Joan Q. Public are pushing back:

I believe a lot of this will be remembered at election time. Look for the rise of the Tea Party. This doesn't cancel my belief that we're in for some high level shenanigans or that our nation hasn't gone swirling down the drain, it has.

But there will be some laughs along the way and a lot of us aren't going quietly into that "good night".

Phooey. I've got that "good night" hanging low and to the left.

God's will be done.

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THIS is depressing!!
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