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Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Catholic burial for me but not for thee...

So it seems that the Diocese of Rome has refused a Catholic funeral Mass for a Nazi. Here's the story:

The man must have been a walking waste of human flesh. Period. BUT IMO he was just as deserving of a Catholic funeral as Senator Ted Kennedy. Perhaps more so as Kennedy enabled the slaughter of millions while Priebke murdered a few hundred. Yes, the man was a Holocaust denier. So what? If he admitted his role in the murders of his specific victims and asked for God's forgiveness via the Sacrament of Penance/Reconciliation I'd think that would be sufficient. Hey, I don't know for certain, I'm just a retired submarine mechanic and not a theologian.But until someone with more authority in this corrects me I'll keep on keeping on.

Denying Priebke a Catholic funeral was as wrong as a football bat. According to several reports, he was in full communion with the Church. End of story.

We don't know just how the mercy of God works, passing judgment of this sort is a violation of the 2nd Commandment because when it's done we're abrogating God's role in judging someone. The funeral Mass is an occasion to pray for the forgiveness of the soul of the deceased and that applies to all of us.

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Adrienne said...

Sub - I was shocked by this whole episode. It reminds me of when Patheos blogger Elizabeth Scalia wished someone or another to a life in hell. WTHeck??? As Catholics we should be wishing for the redemption of all souls.

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