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Saturday, July 13, 2013

On movies and social statements.

I hate movies with a "message". Really, I go to see things get blown up big (Die Hard 1-5 and counting, The Expendables 1&2, The Road Warrior) have my brains twisted (The Usual Suspects, The Perfect Host) or maybe hope theres a good adaptation from the book the movie was inspired by (Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter) and sometimes just to see if a flick is as bad as I've heard (Tank Girl, The Toxic Avenger, Five Fingers of Death, Eight-Legged Freaks, MegaShark vs. Giant Octopus, Surf Nazis Must Die).

But movies with a "message" just leave me cold. Honestly, I want my flicks to have the same social/political insight as the popcorn I wolf down.

But maybe I'll be bending that particular rule soon. It seems that "Ender's Game" is coming out later this year. I'm no fan of Orson Scott Card, never read any of his stuff as my taste in sci-fi goes towards the works of authors like Asimov, Blish, Anderson, Sturgeon. Basically if they're dead, they're my favorites. Card is very much alive and so he doesn't qualify.

So much alive that he's evidently ticking off a lot of gay folks.Theres supposedly a boycott being pushed for Ender's Game. Yep, they're gonna send a message to that mean ole homophobe. As far as I can see his big sin is using his fame to promote his personal beliefs. Whoop-dee-dew-dah-day and what public figure these days DOESN'T do that? Maybe Alice Cooper refrains but only because he thinks people who get their political views from rock-and-rollers are dumber than dirt (gotta love a guy who uses a guillotine in his concerts).

Anyway, I think I might go see "Ender's Game" when it comes out. I'll do it for the same reason I started eating at Chick-fil-a, I don't like bully boys. Would I do the same if the man was gay and being boycotted by a bunch of Christians? Probably, as long as the movie in question didn't have some sort of "message". Hey, I saw the last two Harry Potter flicks after J.K. Dowling said Dumbledore was gay, so why not?

Now wheres the popcorn stand?

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