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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tolerance isn't good enough, you must now advocate the "gay way".

Here's the link:

I've been saying for some time that soon just not fussing about gay issues won't be enough, that soon we'll be forced to "prove" our "tolerance". We're now officially there because if you think this isolated to the DOJ you're mistaken. I'd bet a dollar to a doughnut there are similar incidents happening in the military right now. As for what the Department of Education will soon mandate, it's anyone's guess.

But it won't stop here, oh not by a long shot. Soon in order to "prove" your required open mindedness you'll need to show you've actually sampled the gay "lifestyle".

It sounds outlandish, but wouldn't our entire cultural shift of the past 15-20 years have once been viewed as fantasy?

How soon before the reeducation camps open?


Anonymous said...

But it won't stop here, oh not by a long shot. Soon in order to "prove" your required open mindedness you'll need to show you've actually sampled the gay "lifestyle".

That tidbit you wrote there scares me. What if we're forced to sample it at some point? What if that is part of the re-education? Sends chills down my spine.

Subvet said...

CWP, unfortunately in the area of race relations it's a mindset already in place. It requires minor tweaking to adjust it for the gay activists to use.

I never had to prove I dated a black woman or had to cite a number for the friends of mine who weren't white, it didn't go that far. But one of my employers wanted to know what ethnically sensitive writings I'd perused over the course of the year following my previous performance evaluation. This was a realty company where I was the lead maintenance man, not the military or any other government entity. Yeah, they were fully on board the "diversity" bandwagon. So even the blue collar types such as myself were required to show the proper attitude.

I actually had fun with that particular question, especially since I'd recently read writings by Star Parker, Ward Connerly, and Thomas Sowell. I carefully listed only those books whose titles gave no indication the author was a political conservative. It went right over my supervisor's head.

Hey, nobody explicitly told me my reading material HAD to have a liberal bent!

Unfortunately though I feel we WILL soon be pressured to display the proper mindset regarding the gay lifestyle. How far will this go? Who knows, but in ancient Rome at one time they put to death those who wouldn't worship Caesar's horse.

It won't effect me too much, I'm 60 yrs. old and too ugly for anyone to really bother with. But I've three small children in my care. Quite often I'll say my rosary, praying for their protection in coming years. What else can I do?

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THIS is depressing!!
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