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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Was that Beelzebub on ice skates?

I've always thought it would be cold day in Hell before I thought the ACLU was doing anything worthwhile, ditto for any posting on the Huffington Post being worth a read.

That day is here:

Cops have a thankless, dirty job and I won't Monday morning quarterback them. Ever since the mid 60's they've been targets of opportunity for any idiot with a grudge against authority figures. I've no doubt that more than one feels like they've put a bullseye on their torso every time they don a uniform. Saying, "Well they should just get into another line of work if they don't like it" ignores the fact that particular dirty job needs doing and we're lucky that the VAST MAJORITY of police officers are dedicated, responsible public servants.

But long before some small podunk town starts getting major military hardware, We The People have an obligation to wonder what our tax dollars are being misused for. Let's also understand that the public has the responsibility to keep tabs on where their money is going. Letting any government agency at any level operate on automatic is just stupid and irresponsible.

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