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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Sister Mary Tarantula used to try this trick too...

So now the White House has provided "proof" that Dear Leader actually shot a gun at Camp David. Here's the link and please note the admonishment about altering the pic:

Good thing they put out that warning: and plus and last but certainly not least:

Authoritarian assholes never learn the simple lesson that if you tell people who dislike you not to do something, they'll do it! Just as sure as God made little green apples.

Yes, Sister Mary Tarantula got pretty much the same reaction. We didn't have computers then. Hell ballpoint pens were all the rage, they sure beat the snot out of cartridge pens, which were better than fountain pens. But now I'm just dating myself. Sometime I'll have to relate how an entire class of 8th graders ran out of a Catholic elementary school and screaming for a nun to get screwed We got away with it too! Ah, the 60's!

Thanks for listening.

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victor immature said...

you would have thought the democrats would have learned a lesson from dukakis and his tank photo op

the photos on those links put an upswing on my monday at work...thanks...that's some funny stuff!

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THIS is depressing!!
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