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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Action, reaction and gun control...

So now we've seen the 23 actions El Presidente plans to take regarding gun control. In case you haven't noticed it yet, he unleashed a tsunami of objections. A lot of folk just ain't happy and are letting it be known long and loud..

Which makes me think it might be just what he wanted.

Remember, this is "for the children". So any objections would risk those voicing them to accusations of being heartless, cruel, uncaring and maybe (important point here) out of touch with reality.

So will the Powers That Be now collectively reach for the smelling salts to counter an attack of the vapors, brought on by such "unexpected and unreasonable" responses to 23 rather mild suggestions?

After they recover, will our political elite declare the reaction only shows the problem is worse than they thought. That there are evidently a LOT of unreasonable and mentally unbalanced people in the general population and they've probably got access so guns. So it's time to act and act decisively, the very safety of the nation is at stake!

Therefore to Hell with these 23 tepid actions and let's prescribe the strong medication called for. I won't go any further with the scenario, this is uncomfortably close to "tin foil hat thinking" as it is.

But you get the point I'm sure.

What got my pea sized brain turning and burning on this was that very strong reaction to Obama's stated goals. On one level it's pretty damned good to hear. But having some fat retired sub sailor get surprised by this is entirely different from what our Dear Leader might have expected. The man has access to all sorts of information sources, was he really NOT expecting the furor that's been unleashed?

Or were he and his handlers actually counting on it?

Stay tuned.

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Rick said...

Just as the HHS violated our religion rights, the DHS will do the same with our gun rights. The president delegates the dirty work so he looks like he's following the Constitution.

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