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Sunday, October 07, 2012

They'll even know when Johnny wipes his little rear...

So today I came across an article detailing how tracking chips will be used in a Texas school district to better monitor the whereabouts of the little darlings who should be in class. Here it is:

Please note that this idea isn't exactly new. According to the article, two other districts have used this technology FOR THE PAST COUPLE OF YEARS!

In other news, theres evidently a school district in Florida mulling over the idea of installing video cameras on the cafeteria trash cans. That way they can be sure that little Johnny and Sally are eating their broccoli and not tossing it before finding their black market contact for some CheezWhiz and Doritos. Here's a link to that story:

Great God in Heaven, does it get any nuttier? Our tax dollars at work and yes, that means every one of us because of these districts accept a penny in Federal money for any damned thing then you and I are on the hook for paying for this crap.

Normally I honestly don't care how bizarre the school administrators in our country can get. Let's face it there are more pressing concerns in our lives and somewhere along the way you either have to set priorities or double wrap your head in explosion proof duct tape. Sometimes I'll even have some fun with the insanity, as when our daughter's Catholic preschool started sending notes home that our child needed a more balanced meal in her lunch box, specifically more fruits & veggies. I very cheerfully complied by packing some prunes into it. Our girl LIKES prunes, they'd take effect before she came home and somebody else got to deal with the problem.

Did I mention the apple of my eye is only recently potty trained?

But seriously, when EVERYBODY is so used to being monitored and coddled from preschool on up, what happens to a desire for privacy? When you've been taught to accept the most outlandish crap, how do you gain a healthy perspective on things?

From personal experience I know a bit about this. My old man was a control freak from Jump Street, I won't go into all the details because; a) some of it is hard to believe and b) I hate sounding like a victim.

Suffice to say, normal social interactions were beyond my grasp when I first enlisted (FWIW, I requested duty on the opposite coast so I couldn't have been completely brainwashed). I DID learn and it only took about five to ten years. But that was possible only because I was immersed in "normal" society. That option won't exist for our children and grandchildren if they're monitored in ways that the two linked articles only hint at.

It wouldn't stop there either, nor is it. Am I the only one who has read of tracking chips being routinely installed on some new cars? I also recall stories from a few years back regarding "smart thermostats" in homes that would be controlled from a central location. That way if some schlub in Austin felt my house should be at 75 degrees vice the 70 I prefer, he/she could make it happen. Then my favorite retired sub sailor gets to stew in his own juice. As I recall, those thermostats are only used in homes where the owner signs a waiver for their use. How long before they become mandatory?

No, I'm not proposing there is some grand conspiracy to monitor us ala Orwell's "1984". As a matter of fact, I'll give the idiots the benefit of the doubt and go with the idea their intentions are honorable. Nutty as a shit house rat, but honorable. Yet once the technology is in place and used for no matter how benign the original purpose, how long before it gets abused?

The bottom line is that I should be responsible for my kid's nutrition and proper school attendance. Lay it square on my shoulders, then get the Hell out of my way!

To wrap it up; these stories and others like them only emphasize the need for you, me and every other responsible citizen to get involved with our communities. Take nothing for granted, demand our money's worth from all government employees at ALL levels and remember the most important point; THOSE BASTARDS WORK FOR US! Otherwise the day will soon dawn when you and I will find ourselves and our families living in a controlled enviornment that  in terms of allowed behavior would make a Russian gulag look like a hippie artist community.

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