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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Looking for a Messiah, it's not just a liberal thing.

In my previous post I focused on the worship of Obama's supporters, how their adherence to a cult of personality is damned troubling.

Adrienne commented mentioning idol worship and Elvis followers. She also mentioned doing a post on her own blog about idol worship, I hope I'm in no way perceived as trying to steal her thunder. But her comments got me to thinking (a mind is a terrible thing). The idolatrous mindset so easily seen in liberals actually exists on both sides of the cultural/ideological aisle.

For example, how often is Reagan's name mentioned in the same tone as that of "The One"? Tell the truth and you'll shame the Devil, Ronnie Rayguns and his reputation has morphed over the years so that now he's considered the gold standard by which all conservatives & traditional minded Americans are judged by. It's made me uneasy at times, especially when I'd be on a site of a devout Reganite who would flatly proclaim that all "true" Americans should support (fill in the blank with any cause or candidate's name). Sorry Charlie, I don't blindly follow anybody. It used to give Sister Mary Tarantula and her cronies fits but there ya go. Somewhere along the way I was encouraged to think for myself and to the chagrin of a few folks thats what I try to do. 

I ascribed the secular canonization of Reagan as the product of selective memory, no matter how annoying it got. But could it be the flip side of the coin we accuse Obama's followers devoutly clutching to their collective breast?

True enough, hallowing the memory of a dead President isn't nearly as dangerous as idolizing the current Commander-in-Chief. But when someone appears on the political scene who to all appearances wears the Reagan mantle, when that same person is officially anointed by the keepers of the conservative flame, we'll put ourselves in line for trouble just as much as those genuflecting to Obama presently are.

There's been only one Messiah and as Mark Twain noted, He was speedily dispatched by the rulers of His time with enthusiastic endorsement from the general public. By contrast the general public followed this guy: with disastrous results. The lesson here would be to beware of false Messiahs. They sound really sweet and pleasing to the ears but in the end things turn out very badly.

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Adrienne said...

Steal my thunder? You can't because I have none.

Sub - this is excellent! The earliest I can remember seeing people swoon at the sight of a celebrity or political figure was probably Frank Sinatra. I'll have to do some research on that.

I suppose the Romans may have swooned at the sight of their favorite gladiator. Hmmmmmmmm. This is going to be harder than I thought.

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