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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lies, damned lies and the present Administration.

Question: Why did the White House tell an outright lie for over a week? What I'm talking about is the fairy tale regarding the murder of our ambassador to Libya.

Answer: They wanted to see if it would fly, then they could legitimately push for censorship of the Internet and all other news outlets, particularly those not in bed with the MSM.

Now thats just my opinion and opinions are like rectums, i.e. everyone has one and they all stink. But I'll stick with it.

As for the continued citing of that POS video trailer (which had been on YouTube since the middle of summer) by followers of the Pedophile Prophet while they cheerfully destroy whatever they want, I'll call "bullshit" on that one. No, it certainly wasn't the cause of the poor dears flying into fits of rage and no, they are not in cahoots with Obama & Co. but they are definitely well served by any censorship that stifles critics of their cult. So we have two different groups using the same pretext for basically the same end.

Go ahead, call it tinfoil hat thinking at it's best but it answers in a very neat manner the question originally posed here.

This was an opportunistic attempt to utilize a crisis. End of story. It isn't the first either. Look at "Fast and Furious". I'd bet my next retirement check the geniuses at the DOJ and other agencies felt a flood of firearms to the drug cartels and their subsequent use would give a great excuse for ennacting some really stringent gun control laws.

I also have no stinking doubt we'll soon see more of the same, especially if Obama stays in office.

God's will be done, may He have mercy on us all.


sig94 said...

Subvet - I think they are in cahoots, I think they own Obama. He is not an idiot; no one in his position bows his flat,skinny ass to a foreign potentate with a smile. They're the ones who sent him to college, who financed his campaigns, who paid for his wife's ass reduction surgery. The whole sick lot of them are cahooting to beat the ever-loving band - may they all rot in hell.

God I hate that anti-spam BS.

Subvet said...

Sig, you might be right. Hell, they sure enough get to be fellow travelers a lot. As for the ass reduction surgery, somebody deserves a refund.

Subvet said...

Sig, p.s. I hate the spam filter too. But if I don't use it I get all kinds of porno spam showing up, most of it in languages few have ever heard of.

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