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Friday, June 29, 2012

About the SCOTUS decision on Obamacare...

We got screwed. End of story. Stand by for the shit to hit the fan when Obamacare really kicks into gear. Hopefully by that time people of faith and especially Catholics will have grown a big enough set of balls that we're getting tossed into jail on a regular basis. I'll be the tall, fat, white haired guy with lousy hearing and a tattoo on his right forearm, just sitting in the back of the cell. Remember, no playing "drop the soap".

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ABNPOPPA said...


I cannot believe you have no comments regarding the turncoat Robort's ruling. Good gracious man!

Actually I believe it is indicative of things to come. You beat a person long enough and tell them it's for their own good, they begin to believe it. Lying to them is just part of the "ed u ka tion my komrade. President Obama and his elite minions know what is best for the worker peasants. Har Har! And You, my dear komrade had better watch your blogging or the Gestapo will be talking to you late at night.

Actually Americans in general are just to f-ing lazy to get out and fight, just like sheep lead to the slaughter. Some us will go down but none the less we won't be missed.

I only had one comment and it was from a leftie who doesn't open his profile to the public! Talk about a chicken shi_ loyal subject!

Anyway we shall endeavor to preserver.


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THIS is depressing!!
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