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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Putting down your child like an unwanted dog.

So evidently Dr. Phil hosted a show this week where his guest was a mother who advocates for killing her children. Here's the link:

The author of the article is rightly disturbed but I don't think she goes far enough in the ramifications of "mercy killing". A quick look at the Third Reich's treatment of the disabled shows where it can go. Oh hell, while you're at it check out the results of the eugenics movement in this nation at. During the heyday of that fad people would be sterilized for the possibility of parenting defective children. Of course it was all done in a highly sophisticated, scientific manner. One criteria had to be recognition of current cultural icons. Speaking as one who barely knows that "Snooki" is some character on a television reality show, I'd be worried if that sort of intellectual reasoning became fashionable again.

This is just a part of what we face as the Culture of Death continues it's advance in our time. Although it suffers setbacks, it still is growing.

As the father of two autistic young boys, I'm damned concerned. Bet your ass I am.

Nor do I take any real comfort in the idea that this mindset is held mostly by political liberals. I believe thats pure bullshit, that all too many professed religious folks on both sides of the aisle would remain mum if legislation was enacted that allowed for putting down "defective" children like unwanted dogs. Seen and heard too damned much equivocating and waffling over the years when folks I'd feel were firmly grounded in their beliefs refused to stand by them when those same beliefs caused discomfort.

If push ever comes to shove I'll be defending my family with whatever comes to hand. End of story there. I'm sure that sentiment insures I'll eventually make somebody's "watch list" if I already haven't. For now I pray every day that my wife & kids are kept safe and happy.

Does it sound like paranoia? Maybe it is. But it wasn't too long ago that hell would have frozen over before a popular show like Dr. Phil's would have aired a topic such as "mercy" killing. I don't think the momentum against the disabled will stop soon.

God help us all.

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