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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The non coverage of last week's rally.

So the numbers for the attendees of the Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally are provided in this article at

With over 54,000 showing up throughout the nation, you'd think it would classify as a newsworthy item. Yet there has been zip coverage here in Dallas and from what I've gleaned from other sources thats more the rule than exception for the MSM in this country.

What does it mean? Hell if I know, please remember I'm only a retired sub sailor with time on his hands and a wife who encouraged him to start blogging so she didn't have to listen to his rants on politics, religion and life in general. The woman has really suffered, her reward is not of this earth and I'm not being funny. I'm a pain in the ass and know it.

But this lack of coverage can't be coincidental. Look at the coverage given the OWS movement in it's beginning. Did they field over 54K participants in their initial showing? Look at the coverage of "hoodie rallies" being held to protest the death of a black teen at the hands of a neighborhood watch volunteer in Florida. All the facts aren't in on that one yet but it doesn't hinder coverage of the outrage expressed.

But over 54K showing up to protest the new HHS mandate regarding health insurance coverage of contraception, regardless of an employer's beliefs? Nope, not worth a second look.

My ass.

I don't believe it's a sign of formal conspiracy, all it would take is enough like minded people running the MSM outlets to unconsciously act in concert. Can that happen? I think so.

But regardless of how it's come about, this non coverage highlights the support given the Culture of Death in our land.

Where is it taking us? Again, I don't know.

But we've seen something like this before and in the recent past. I'm thinking now of the myths regarding the Viet Nam War that have become accepted as reality. Myths such as the prevalence of drug use amongst the military forces, such as the supposed inability of returning vets to adjust to civilian life. Don't get me wrong, there have been very well publicized examples that were used to justify such myths. But in the long run that is exactly what they've turned out to be, i.e. isolated cases whose importance was grossly exaggerated in order to fit a preconceived notion.

Now we're seeing the flip side of the coin, we're seeing the perceived acceptance of the HHS mandate as shown by a supposed lack of opposition. So the end result, perpetuation of myths to the point of acceptance as reality, is the same. The tactics are just reversed.

The only wild card I see is the "alternative media". That includes you and I. Even an insignificant blog like this may somehow in some way counter the foisting of a lie as truth. I hope so.

God's will be done.


sig94 said...

Subvet - I remember the day of fasting and prayer that occured in DC back around the Spring of 1984 or thereabouts. Between 400,000 and 500,000 people showed up and the media had nothing on it. But have a washed up child psychologist (Spock), a lesbian and a self-styled witch climb over the fence at a US nuclear arms depot (Seneca Falls, NY) and the media goes insane. A week of mindless coverage and hundreds of reporters. I stopped watching the major news channels back then. I stopped watching FNC because they went into the same mode for BS that doesn't mean squat.

Subvet said...

Sig94, amen to that. As for FNC, I couldn't agree more. They're just more of the same.

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