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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Undocumented" immigrants: Doing the murders Americans won't...

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Hikers stunned by grisly human head discovery in Hollywood Hills

The search for human remains resumed at sunrise Wednesday in the Hollywood Hills, where a human head was found by two dog-walkers the day before.

The entrance to Bronson Canyon in Griffith Park was closed by a police blockade Wednesday morning, and coroner's office vans were on scene, along with a canine unit.

Authorities were attempting to learn more about the man whose head was found wrapped in a plastic bag Tuesday afternoon near the "Hollywood" sign.

Neighbors who frequent the park said they were stunned after hearing what had been found.

Liam Lesevour, 35, said it was "freaky" to know a human head was found in the same place he walks his dog, Tiger, each morning.

With all the law enforcement activity, "everybody here just assumed it's just a hiker that got stuck," said Carole Joseph, who has lived nearby more than 40 years and was walking her 10-year-old shepherd, Sadie, on Wednesday morning.
Many of the regulars believe the head must have been dumped there sometime after the Tuesday morning rush. In the mornings, there are always at least 10 people walking through the park, sometimes even before dawn.

Had it been there Tuesday morning, they said, surely another dog would have spotted it.

"If it was up there in the morning, he would have found it," Lesevour said, pointing to Tiger, a 4-year-old greyhound and pitbull mix.

(End of story, my comments follow.)

Well who'd a thunk it? Porous borders with a Third World toilet to the south that is being overrun by drug cartels known for violence. Gee ma, didn't see this one coming now did we?

Look for the routine "Nothing to worry about, nothing to see here." declarations from our elites. This will be done with a total disassociation from any efforts to work for "comprehensive immigration reform" while the DOJ prosecutes states like Arizona for having the temerity to try securing their border with the aforementioned toilet.

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THIS is depressing!!
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