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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Apples from heaven...

Well here's something to take our minds off the serious:

I love the way things falling from the sky are always explained as a product of excessively strong winds. That might even be true for some incidents, I doubt it applies to all. My reasoning is based on the exclusive nature of what gets picked up and later dropped. That plus the lack of any report concerning high winds in any nearby areas.

For example, as the linked article notes; apples have some weight to them. If the wind is strong enough to pick them up then why not also leaves off nearby trees, branches on the ground, mulch, etc? If those winds remain so strong that only the weight of the apples is sufficent to overcome them, why are they all dropped in just one area? You'd think there'd be more of a disperesed drop over a wider area if the winds starting losing strength.

What do I think? I think something/someone felt like pelting the Coventry area with apples. Who was it? I dunno. Why was it done? I dunno. How was it done? Hellifino.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
William Shakespeare, "Hamlet", Act 1 scene 5

Maybe Shakespeare got hit with a few stray apples too. Who knows?


Old Bob said...

The devil threw them down to tempt people, like in Genesis.
It's obvious.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Perhaps God was sending a reminder of how Adam and Eve screwed up in Eden that got us in this mess today.

Just saying.

Jordan said...

Ha, I had just left Coventry that morning! It was frosty and there was a chill wind, but nothing especially strong. (The day before was wild, though, which was a shame as I was getting some ID photos and forgot to bring my umbrella. Ended up looking like a half-drowned cat…)

The explanation essentially comes down to a mini-tornado sucking up the apples. It seems plausible that apples, being heavy and having a relatively low and even surface area, would fall all at once and far sooner than other materials if the wind speed suddenly dropped. Leaves and other materials falling anywhere up to several miles away would be unremarkable to most people, so would probably pass without comment.

Subvet said...

Old Bob & MRG, you guys posted basically the same thought less than 10 minutes apart. Must be a case of great minds thinking alike.

Subvet said...

Jordan, because you live in the UK I was hoping to hear your thoughts on this. You may be right, perhaps the lack of other material is due to the heavier objects (apples in this case) falling first. My skepticism kicks in when EVERY occurence of this sort is explained away in the same manner. Maybe it's my paranoia showing through.

Good hearing from you again.

WomanHonorThyself said...

love never know what God has in store each day buddy!

Jordan said...

Just realised I never got back to you on this!

"My skepticism kicks in when EVERY occurence of this sort is explained away in the same manner."

You're right that they're guessing; it's a very educated guess, I'm sure, but guessing nonetheless. No one can be certain what really went down that morning. :)

I will say that while Britain does have the occasional whirlwind, Coventry isn't exactly Tornado Alley. Having lived there for a few years, the most I had to cope with was the normal British tendency to rain at the drop of a hat and a couple of scorching summers (or so thought this Scot).

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