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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why selecting Romney is a bad idea...

Thomas Sowell explains it very well:

IMO we'll have to suffer through at least another four years of B.O., picking the wrong GOP candidate could feed into that.


Jay said...

"At least another four years..." Is there something you're hearing that I am not privy to?

As for Romney, he's to the right of McCain, and not the tax collector for the welfare state, as Dole was.

Also funny, in the Sowell column, he leaves out Newt Gingrich, who arguably was the ideological heir to Reagan, and, if values voters can just get past his personal foibles, is the ideas guy in this race, and would make Obama look like the SCFOAF that he is in debates.

Subvet said...

Jay, the comment about "at least another four years..." reflects my paranoia regarding B.O.. IMO he'd cheerfully do whatever it took to bring about a revamping of our nation. "The ends justifies the means" is so easily associated with both him and his cronies.

Romney may be to the right of McCain, but I don't believe that says an awful lot. McCain has become the quintessential RINO.

As for Gingrich, Sowell may be discounting him due to the amount of "baggage" the man has. But if were selected as the GOP candidate he might surprise us all.

Correct me if I'm wrong, I seem to remember a lot of folks had no real high expectations of Reagan. At the time he was elected the national mood could be summed up as "ABC" or "Anybody But Carter". His growth into a conservative icon was a surprise, maybe Gingrich could repeat that.

Jay said...

I do not believe we have to worry about any years past the 8 possibilities for BHO. I think if something extra-Constitutional was tried, we'd see some states say "No."

I agree with your thoughts on Newt. We're not electing a Pope, we're electing something else, and personal flaws aside, I think Newt has what it takes.

WRT Reagan, I will semi-agree that his icon status is a surprise not to Conservatives, who saw his rise from 1964 to 1980, then the success of his fulfillment of most Conservative ideas, which in the '80's meant tax rate reductions and a tough stance with the Soviets.

Reagan's rise was 20 years in the making, so I don't think it's quite such a surprise. But, I think icon status is more than most of us were thinking at the time, but we knew we had a transformative leader.

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