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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

"Fast & Furious", indictments and equivalence...

The "Fast & Furious saga continues. Much to my surprise it seems to be growing legs as Rep. Issa and his committee keep digging out the dirt.

Now Eric Holder is backtracking and saying he didn't properly understand the question when asked how long he knew of this fubar operation. This comes right on the heels of proof he knew of it months before the shit hit the fan, vice the "few weeks" he initially claimed.

The AP is doing damage control for B.O., citing what they claim was a similar operation (named "Wide Receiver") that was run by the Bush Administration. This sounds like, "We're no worse than the other guys" which is a great way to justify being accomplice to murder.

The problem with that is while "Wide Receiver" had ATF agents nailing the gun purchasers shortly after they'd made a buy for various nogoodniks, "Fast & Furious" let the buyers fade into the sunset with guns in hand, ostensibly leading to bigger fish.

That means we won't be seeing any illegally purchased firearms that could be traced to "Wide Receiver" showing up at crime scenes. Too bad the same can't be said about "Fast & Furious".

So the story won't go away, now theres speculation of having a special prosecutor assigned to look into who knew what and when did they know it.

Return with me now to those thrilling days of yesteryear, when Slick Willie eventually found himself facing impeachment for perjury after the infamous blue dress came to light. At the time I thought all too many people were too damned eager to push impeachment, not realizing what goes around will come back around. Proof of that was when constant calls for impeaching G.W. Bush arose for little or no justifiable reason.

So the idea of impeaching ANYBODY is distasteful to me. Politics are partisan enough without idiots trying to even a score.

But this is an entirely different kettle of fish. Innocent people died as a direct result of "Fast & Furious". Theres also a faint stench of "setup" to allowing a flow of illegal American firearms into the narcostate Mexico is becoming while at the same time the gun grabbers start wailing about the cartels being supplied all too happily from Americans looking to make a fast buck.

So yeah, in this case the string needs to be pulled right up to a complete unearthing of any and all involved. Whatever charges can be brought, should be.

Theres a hell of a difference between a horndog in the Oval Office with an intern eagerly gobbling his goop and the arming of murderous animals who cheerfully kill anyone they want.

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