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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Damn those fitted sheets!

Oh. Please.

Nanny State Madness: California‘s Proposed ’Fitted Sheet’ Law

Look, I'm sorry that some folks will have to be hotel maids all their working lives. It's a damned lousy job and no mistake about it.

But every job has it's hazards and getting a kink in your back because of fitted sheets is pretty small potatoes. FWIW, one of the problems my wife had as a RN working a hospital MedSurg floor was moving morbidly obese patients around. THAT will put your back out in a second! I can't count the number of times she came home griping about various lardassed sickos as she went looking for the ibuprofen. Having a BS in Nursing didn't help her avoid the same problems of your average hotel maid, as a matter of fact I'd bet that maid will have far fewer back problems over the course of her professional career than any RN working in a hospital. Just my uneducated opinion on that one, but I've yet to see any mattress that topped 300 lbs.

It used to be that lousy working conditions served as an incentive to move on up in the work world. As I've already implied, some folks never will advance and that's too bad. But whoever promised any of us a rose garden?

To quote Lou Reed from his "New York" LP in 1989, "Life is always good but never fair".

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Anonymous said...

I was a hotel maid in college. I could work from 8a - 1p and earn about $85 per day, plus tips, and this was nearly 20 years ago.
Its not a terrible job, just one that requires you to work hard, quickly and precisely.
Something liberals constantly tell the poor they cannot do.
Fitted sheets wouldnt make a bit of difference, its toilet scrubbers and short vacuums that cause back pain...

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