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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Compulsory state run day care in Canada.

QUEBEC, May 6, 2011 ( – A Quebec judge has ordered a three-year-old and a five-year-old to attend state-funded day care following claims that the children lacked proper “socialization.”

The parents of the Notre-Dame-des-Bois family were also ordered to place their two elder homeschooled children in public schools, and accused of failing to act quickly to correct learning disabilities, despite their doctor’s testimony to the contrary.

“This is a shocking decision,” said Paul Faris of the Canadian branch of the Home School Legal Defense Association, who have backed the family’s case. He told LifeSiteNews this is the latest in the Quebec government’s ongoing effort to “clamp down on choice in education.”

He said the most concerning part is the judge’s decision to “order the younger children who were not of compulsory school age into day care for socialization.”

The family, who have homeschooled for four years, were reported to the province’s Youth Protection Services in November 2009 after a run-in with the local school board. The elder children were ordered into school in April 2010 after court proceedings began in February 2010. There was a four-day trial in November, and Judge Nicole Bernier issued her ruling in March.

Faris said the court refused to hear the parents’ expert witness and dismissed the testimony of the family doctor, who has been fully supportive of their medical decisions. In her ruling, Judge Bernier claimed the family doctor’s testimony lacked objectivity and was “full of bias” owing to his relationship with the parents.

Faris said the judge gave “excess weight” to the government’s experts, who he says “found that one child’s hearing impairment ‘indicated’ that the parents could not be trusted and therefore all the children should be enrolled in public school programs.” Judge Bernier determined that the security and development of the children was compromised by parental negligence.

In her ruling, Judge Bernier called the mother’s teaching approach “outdated,” saying it emphasized repetition exercises and acquisition of knowledge rather than the Ministry’s preferred approach of teaching learning skills. She also criticizes the elder children’s social development, noting that they had difficulty at first with the other children when they entered the classroom.

“The parents, though aware … of the need to stimulate each child by interactions with peers of the same age, outside of the family, either at school, kindergarten, or day care or occasional education trips, maintain their interest in the teaching model of the home school,” she wrote, going on to lament that they are “refusing to integrate the youngest in kindergarten or day care, and opposing educational outings for the children.”

“Their reasons are always the same and regard a social mistrust that does not meet the needs of their children,” she added. She also took issue with the fact that the parents apparently had not obtained a homeschooling exemption under the Education Act, which requires that the parents offer a program equivalent to that offered in the schools.

The family, which is Roman Catholic, is now launching an appeal to the Quebec Superior Court.

Faris argued that the ruling ignored objective measurement of the children’s successful development.

“This is a quality homeschooling family that exercised diligence in teaching their kids,” Faris told LifeSiteNews. “We’ve had the kids tested and are certainly satisfied that they’re doing well.”

News of this family’s plight comes as the Quebec government faces a Supreme Court challenge this month of their refusal to allow exemptions in the public schools from a controversial course in relativism known as “ethics and religious culture.”

The government has even tried to impose the mandatory ERC program, which purports to present the spectrum of world religions and lifestyle choices from a “neutral” stance, on the province’s private schools. A Superior Court judge ruled in June 2010 that their effort to do so had assumed a “totalitarian character.”

In December, the government instituted a ban on religious instruction in its government-funded daycares.

Michael Donnelly, Director of International Relations for the Home School Legal Defense Association, said Quebec appears to be joining countries like Germany and Sweden in its repressive opposition to homeschooling.

“There is homeschooling freedom in most of Canada. However, it appears that Québec is more like Germany or Sweden when it comes to homeschooling regulations,” said Donnelly.

“This judge’s decision reads like one from these countries that are repressing homeschooling. The philosophy represented by this judge’s decision must be resisted."

(End of story. My comments follow.)

Yep, it's happening in Canada but you can bet real money we'll see more of the same here.

I recall from years back, before we stopped watching any broadcast TV shows, a commercial on a local station plugging "quality" daycare and it's benefits. According to the talking head that was interviewed, daycare helps promote socialization skills that dramatically decrease chances of substance abuse and juvenile delinquency. Which made me wonder why our prisons are so chock-a-block full now as compared to 30-40 years ago.

But it's coming folks. You can bet that unless we're involved in fighting this absurdity our kids will be placed in state run facilities soon. They'll be spoon fed a curriculum that ignores any concerns of the parents and effectively places family ties in the dustbin of our culture. The nannystate knows best.

So we can look forward to our kids learning at earlier ages to disregard any opinions/beliefs of Mom & Dad. They'll be properly indoctrinated ala Orwell's "1984" to the point that when you talk in your sleep it'll be closely monitored. The nannystate advances.

Speaking of "nannystate", I realized the other night what makes me uneasy about the "Nanny McPhee" movies. The title character always shows up on the doorstep of some family with out-of-control children and in the blink of an eye turns the little darlings into complete cherubs. (When my kids run riot throughout the house I have to remember the cavalry ain't coming over that particular hill.) Anyway, Nanny McPhee shows up in the nick of time to avert disaster, does what seems impossible and then moves on to other more needy families.

Her response when the parents despair of being able to afford her services, "I'm paid by the government". Uh-oh, not good.

No I don't, absolutely DO NOT believe Emma Thompson is a tool of those pushing for compulsory daycare. I can't say it enough; I DO NOT BELIEVE EMMA THOMPSON IS PUSHING FOR COMPULSORY DAYCARE!!!

But the mindset shown by those popular (and well done) movies is disturbing.

Even Mary Poppins recognized the authority of George Banks in the Julie Andrews movie of 1964. But that was almost fifty years ago. Things have changed.


WomanHonorThyself said...

o gosh this is scary stuff my friend.............

Subvet said...

WHT, you know it.

Glenn Mark Cassel said...

That judge needs some judgement......from a Vigilance Committee......3-7-77

Subvet said...

ORPO1, not too long ago I'd have dismissed that idea. But lately I'm thinking it'll come down to that in the very near future. The battle lines are being drawn for the future of our nation and it's soul.

Thank God for the 2nd Amendment.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I have had a close relationship with immigrant and refugee families over the years, and when they first arrive, their older children born in the 'old country' are very polite and well mannered, a real joy to be around, but when they enroll in our public schools and become "socialized" with our native born children, it isn't long before they become just as rude, lewd and crude, and just as obnoxious as our American born children.

So now our schools are there to teach "learning skills", but what exactly are the kids learning? How to be good little Socialist/Communists and how to "educate" their parents? I'm sorry, but I for one, do not need any wet behind the ears punks educating me, especially since I have forgotten more then they will ever know.

I say more parents need to start home-schooling their children and standing up to the government.

Subvet said...

MRG, at the very least they should be made to accomodate the values of the parents. The wholesale disregard for those values is seen even here in Texas.

Vigilis said...

If such detestable judicial overstepping were to spread to the U.S, who among us doubts that children of Islamic heritage (honor killings, chattel women, etc) would certainly be spared from required "socialization" tyranny?

Yes, Ibrahim Cooper (C.A.I.R. spokesman) will certainly thank the Saudi-funded U.S. lobbyists (lawyers) who get such legislation enacted by Congress (mostly lawyers), and the A.C.L.U. (all lawyers) who would sue to exempt Muslim children from such indoctrination.

No U.S. organization that claims state or federal tax exemptions based upon religious grounds should ever be able to memorialize a man like Osama bin Laden in a mosque like the one to be at ground zero, in my opinion.

Bin Laden incited his followers to arms and suicide. Association with him and the mullahs who cheered or financed al Qaeda are evidence of what the U.S. version of religion despises - not peace!

Nice heads up, SubVet!

Nunly said...

This kind of thing is already going in the USA. Family court judges have the discrepancy to skirt the law and give court orders that violate State laws. Most parents cannot afford to bring their cases to a Superior Court and end up losing their children to abusive parents, or being forced to keep their children in a school district where there is bullying or abuse within the school.

In our area, there are quite a few home-schooler's. What they did was form a coalition and they have "gym" classes at the YMCA, go on field trips together, and if one parent is better at teaching a subject than another, they will put their kids together with them. Therefore, socialization should not be considered a problem with home-schools.

I did hear recently about a case in Sweden where the children were taken away from their parents because the parents were home-schooling. When the parents decided they would rather move to another county than to stay than have their children forced into the Swedish government school system, the children were taken from them.

But, like I said, if you look at the US family courts, they are no better.

Subvet said...

Vigilis, I agree. Islam is more than just a religion, it requires it's adherents to bring sharia law into whatever country they reside in. There is no seperation between Mosque & State, they become one and the same. Anyone doubting that need only look to Iran or Saudi Arabia to see the influence the clerics have there.

We need to take our PC blinders off and wake up before it's too late.

Subvet said...

Nunly, I've no doubt there are areas where the USA is as bad as Quebec. We'd better wake up before it's too late and we find our ultra PC kids reporting on every "subversive" thought Mom & Dad have.

Rick said...

Hopefully, that judgment can be overturned. Otherwise, a precedent has been set putting the State above the individuals and their familiers.

(BTW, I saw your 2 comments in the email and tried to publish them. But they did not show. Thanks for your kind words.)

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