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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Another friendship gone...

So I went to Facebook last night and came across a posting by the wife of an old shipmate. She was railing against the supposed double standard shown by the proliferation of divorce in this nation while cultural conservatives state acceptance of gay "marriage" will weaken the institution.

I replied by noting the examples she'd given of the rich and famous in scandal were nothing new, even the Bible shows how dissolute the lives of the famous can be. Then I noted how divorce had been accepted in the Old Testament and was allowed by most Christian denominations but gay "marriage" has never been (except perhaps in the city of Sodom). I wrapped it up by citing the use of hate crime laws against Christians in the pulpits of nations that allow gay "marriage" when the clerics spoke against homosexuality.

She then informed me that her daughter had become a lesbian and why shouldn't she be able to marry someone who makes her happy?

I merely replied further discussion wasn't possible (does anyone think she would have truly listened) and that I'd pray for their family.

Guess a few years back I'd have been noncommittal and accepting since it didn't affect anyone close to me. But being Catholic for me means acknowledging my relationship to Christ in this life so He'll acknowledge it in the next. Losing my soul due to not speaking out doesn't sound too bright.

Another shipmate once remarked that living as a devout Catholic was harder than hell. Guess it can be so at times.

Tough shit, next case.


VSO said...

I've had the same experiences SV. Feck Facebook!

RandomThoughts said...

Those who have a Biblical moral compass and live by it are always made to feel as though they were on the wrong course by those whose moral compass shifts with the wind.

And yes, Facebook sucks for a number of reasons.

Subvet said...

VSO, thanks. I'm sure it's common these days.

Subvet said...

Random Thoughts, that moral compass actually is a great comfort lately.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

All so-called Christians who choose to remain silent are, in essence, giving their approval to an immoral and unnatural life style.

It wasn't Christians who said homosexuality was an abomination, God said it. So anyone who has a problem with it should take it up with God, they should make sure that they have a real good lawyer when they do.

Subvet said...

MRG, absolutely right.

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