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Monday, December 06, 2010

Pepsico deserves a butt whipping for this one...

I found this POS over at Creative Minority Report, who evidently got it from another site. One of the commenters divulged that they'd contacted Pepsico which claimed it was only a "suggested" ad from a consumer. Since it carries the Pepsico logo the commenter urged them to take action. Works for me! If it were a "suggested" ad targeting Islam you can bet they'd be on it like white on rice.

For those who care to contact them;

UPDATE: Evidently Pepsico had more pull concerning this thing than originally thought. Here's a link ( going to Catholic Vote where it's mentioned the video was actually part of a contest the company was running. They've pulled it in response to all the negative feedback. Should never have gotten that far.


Left-Footer said...

Needs Saint Nicholas (my kinda Saint) who smacked the heretic Arius in the teeth.

ignorant redneck said...

I saw this one. Went to You Tube and disliked it. On their little button.

Anonymous said...

As sacrilegious as this is, I think it will win. That's just Doritos' M.O. - edgy. Did you see the one last year that won with the small African-American boy slapping his mama's boyfriend for looking at mama's posterior?

This one is funny - even for this Catholic. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you people are trying to invent something that is just not there! That NEVER was a communion. LOOK at the sign shown outside the building "DORITOS AND PEPSI MAX SUNDAY" There NEVER was any inference that was a communion. It was a light hearted fun ad.
You thrust to feel some insult that is just not there. Do you feel outraged by bake sales and kids activities in your church?

Arby said...

Since the video is no longer available, can you describe its contents?

Subvet said...

Left-Footer, that would be a good start.

Subvet said...

IR, that is probably a better response than contacting Pepsico. YouTube is more sensitive to reviews of their videos and able to act in a more direct manner.

Subvet said...

Anonymous @ 9:09PM, I remember that one from last year. Same level of poor taste IMO. No need to apologize for finding it funny. I actually can see some of the humor, but in the current culture if we don't stand up for ourselves we'll be roadkill. Just my thinking.

Subvet said...

Anonymous @ 6:25AM, bake sales & kids activities don't parody reception of Christ's physical Presence. This ad did. Since it was pulled by YouTube, I'd say a fair number of folk agreed with my opinion and took the same action as the Ignorant Redneck described.

Subvet said...

Arby, in a nutshell it showed two Roman-collar wearing clerics discussing a falloff of attendance. This is followed by the senior one in prayer, asking for guidance. The guidance he receives is to dispense Doritos & Pepsi in the same manner as some Protestants would Communion. It was a fair parody of Christianity in general, the Roman collars seemed to target Catholics in particular (who else wears those items as often as RC priests?)

There are a fair number of other blogs discussing this video also. So I'm not alone in being irritated by it. But to be fair, as I mentioned to another commenter, I can understand the humor from a non-Catholic viewpoint.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Gosh, the video was pulled.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't pulled. It was just passworded. Looks like it was leaked early and when word got out, it was passworded. You probably won't see it again until Superbowl Sunday during the Superbowl, which is what it was produced for. I think it was leaked on purpose so Pepsi could get a lot of pre-Superbowl advertising out of it and so people would say "oh wait til you see the commercial on Superbowl Sunday by Pepsi.". The more we talk about it here, the more people will want to look. It's like saying, "Whatever you do, don't look at that". First thing you do is look!

Subvet said...

Most Rev. Gregori, big surprise huh?

Subvet said...

Anonymous, if you're right I'll count it as another reason to be thankful we no longer watch TV in my home.

And you're right about the power of negative advertising.

Fred said...

Found the 60 second version:
It goes to public vote on Jan 3rd!

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