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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Grisly "green" commercial aired...

Honest to God, when I first stumbled across this monstrosity a couple of days ago I thought it had to be a joke. Evidently not, an awful lot of well balanced commenters have claimed it's the real deal and nobody, absolutely nobody involved with the thing is saying, "Hey, just kidding!"

Before viewing I'll warn you that it features the deliberate explosion of "non-green" victims. Bloody to the max. You're warned.

So here is what I take away from this trash, even though it's focused for an audience in the UK I we can bet we're swirling around the same bowl:

1) Violence in promotion of a liberal cause is becoming more acceptable. For an example in a different realm of our Culture of Death, check this out;

2) This will get zippo airplay by the MSM except to highlight how those who aren't "green" just can't take a joke. Noted.

3) In the meantime, as the rhetoric and actions of tree huggers everywhere starts heating up, we can look forward to hyperventilating hysteria coming from their mouthpieces who will be wailing of the violent killers of Gaia. Captain Planet, where are you?

4) Start checking your kid's homework from school for any strong push in this or any other liberal cause. Somebody is probably thinking, "Hey stupid, it's already in place and has been for years." Too true, but I'm talking about it really coming out of the shadows and ramping up big time.

5) As I've already alluded, this is part and parcel with what we recognize as the Culture of Death. A frigging snail in the Northwest woods has the same value as a human being. Even more value if that human is unborn.

Stand by, in coming years we'll be put into the crucible to be tested. God have mercy on us all.


sig94 said...

We shouldn't be surprised. If they will drive a pair of surgical sissors into the skull of a new born, what makes us think they will stop there?

Subvet said...

Sig94, very well put.

Rick said...

Sir: The site that you recommended flashed a malware warning. FYI.

PattyinCT said...

Your post is spot on. "Climate change" is an arm in the culture of death. The root of this movement is population control (two myths that thrive on one another). I'm afraid that this is what it will boil down to, along with families that have more than 2 children will have the youngest members of their families marched into the streets and shot, and the parents taken to the local hospital to be sterilized. If it can happen under socialized medicine in places like Red China, then why should we not expect it under socialized medicine here in the USA.
I guess I shouldn't have laughed at all the kids in my high school who were addicted to sci fi movies. They've now become my nightmare. Yet another reason why pantheism is just a wrong form of worship with many unforeseen consequences (one of which is NOT global warming)

VSO said...

Ditto sig94

Unknown said...

I thought I was looking at a Monty Python sketch.

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