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Friday, September 03, 2010


When John & Joan Q. Public feel the authorities aren't responding properly to a problem, they'll take things into their own hands.

Thats a recurring thought I've had, today brought to the fore by this;

There have been other indicators that the American public is damned well fed up by inaction and spineless waffling regarding enemies within our borders. Another example would be the spate of recent attacks on Hispanics in Staten Island by local blacks who shout anti Mexican epithets. Since blacks are harder hit than whites when cheap labor is done "off the books" by illegal aliens, it makes sense the action would come from that quarter first.

That is just an example, there have been others. I didn't really jump on them because conspiracy theories are a dime a dozen, why add a baseless one of my own?

Some years ago I became interested in vigilantes, I think it was about the time the movie "Death Wish" came out. A lot of folk were fantasizing about that sort of thing then. The "Remo Williams" series of books was popular then also, if you haven't read them I'll just say they involve a government agent who kills anything that looks cross eyed at him, unless it's a good looking babe. Not exactly Shakespeare. The appetite for them wasn't hard to figure out. Crime was up all over the nation, the most outlandish stories surfaced of criminal's "rights" trumping the suffering of their victims (even worse than today, believe it or not). Life sucked for the law abiding.

Not too different from now. It's just we're not looking at the same sort of criminals as we were then. Now it's the Islamofacists who worship a Pedophile Prophet until almost like clockwork some jihadist goes and shoots up an Army base, a Jewish center, tries to blow up Times Square, wears exploding jockey shorts on an airliner. This is always accompanied by the hand wringing of our politicians who worry that there will be a backlash against innocent muslims. Noted.

Or if it isn't the Cultists of the Koran it's the illegal aliens. They're swarming into our prisons, flooding the ER's of local border state hospitals, sucking up every benny they can get for just breathing on the right side of the border. This is done while spending a fair amount of time trashing the USA because of perceived "racism". Again, our politicians do N-O-T-H-I-N-G at the Federal level except to punish local officials who want the damned laws enforced.

I briefly mentioned getting interested in the history of vigilantes. It seems one of the lasting traits of our nation is a willingness to act on our own when the need is perceived. I'd say that perception is here and all that's lacking is a spark to set it off. Just my opinion.

John & Joan Q. Public are getting mighty tired of it all. If some things don't change PDQ then stand by for a wave of vigilantism.

As for me, whenever it's necessary I'll be practicing a piece of military advice some say has existed since the time of the Roman Legions, i.e. "Keep your mouth shut, your eyes and ears open and don't volunteer anything".

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