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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our tax dollars at work...

Here's the story:

AUGUSTA, Maine, September 28, 2010 ( - The Maine Human Rights Commission (HRC) has ruled that a middle school unlawfully discriminated against a "transgender" sixth-grade boy by disallowing the child from entering a girls' bathroom and instead assigning him his own separate bathroom.

The matter concerned Orono Middle School's treatment of a child whose parents have insisted has a right to use a girl's bathroom, despite being biologically male, because of his chosen gender identity.

“In choosing to disallow [him] to use the girls’ bathroom facilities, the school was implicitly isolating and alienating her (sic) from other students,” the parents wrote, according to local reports. “We determined that we needed to modify our actions to do the best we could to ensure [our child’s] safety.”

The panel also ruled against Asa Adams Elementary School in Orono last year, when the same parents issued a similar complaint over the school's conduct while their child was in the fifth grade, in the 2007-08 school year.

The school contended that officials had adequately accommodated the child, by educating staff and students on the situation, giving the child his own bathroom and locker room, and even arranging frequent meetings with his parents. “For the most part, she (sic) appeared to be happy and involved in the school community,” officials wrote.

The parents also alleged that the school subjected the boy to a hostile environment due to harassment from other students, a claim rejected by the HRC panel. He has since been removed from the school district.

In a September 20 meeting, the panel announced they would wait until the election of a new state governor before issuing guidelines on how schools ought to accommodate "transgender" students.

(End of story. My comments follow.)
So much stupidity, so little time. Where to begin?
First: Just what responsible parent allows their child to determine they're "transgendered"? For the love of Mike, kids in their teens are confused about EVERYTHING. It's a time when a child needs direction, guidance and a firm grounding provided by Mom & Dad. Playing into the attention seeking fantasy that "she is a he" or vice versa does nothing for the child. On a side note, I'd love to find some study that determines how many of these "transgendered" adolescents become active homosexuals and how many simply outgrow their delusional thinking.
Second: Providing he/she/shim/it with their own bathroom & locker room facilities? What a grand waste of taxpayer money. If they're plumbed like a boy, they should go to the boy's facilities. Ditto for anyone that's born a girl in regards to the girl's restroom/locker room.
Third: Someone was able to argue this crap and be taken seriously? I think the Maine HRC must be some glorified workfare program whose members look for ways to justify their jobs. From the looks of things they must have to search pretty hard.
Fourth: Has anyone, anyone at all, tried to determine how the straight girls will be traumatized when little "Johnny/Joanna/Whatever" enters their restroom and drops trou? If the transgendered child's sensitivities are so fragile that using separate facilities constitutes hardship, wouldn't the other children's psyches possibly suffer from his mere presence in the loo? If this situation had arisen when I was that age I know I'd have suffered (if nothing else I'd have suffered a hernia from trying to stop laughing).
Finally: Notice how the wording of the complaint plays right into the fantasy of the child? Seems like all the adults are doing their best to perpetuate this crap. Look for lawsuits in the future as he/she/whatever tries to take their "date" to the prom, etc.
Honestly, I wonder if all common sense has left our society.

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PattyinCT said...

It's got to be hard enough to be uncomfortably teenage, let alone to be different enough not to know where you can go to the restroom. I'm sure this student, and his/her peers were equally uncomfortable with the arrangements regardless of which bathroom he/she chose to use. It was the right thing for the school to create a separate facility for this student (even if that meant using the bathroom in the nurse's station as needed to save some of those tax dollars;)

Morally, well, there's a lot wrong here, but this is a public school, which means that "thou shall not judge", unless the student is Christian...These are problems that arise from the moral relativism that is prevalent in our culture today, and that includes our statist public schools. We can no longer re-instate the Christian sexual ethic in school, and we have to find a way to deal with the entire student body...imho of course!

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THIS is depressing!!
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