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Friday, September 10, 2010

More on the burning of the Koran...

WARNING: harsh language in parts of this post.

The idea of burning Korans seems to have caught fire (sorry, couldn't help myself there). The latest stories at The Drudge Report include these:,, and let's not forget these assholes:

In addition to this, after going back and forth about not burning a pile of Korans if the NYC Ground Zero Mosque would be moved, the initial culprit is now undecided about what he'll do tomorrow.

While this all happens, quite a few folks have weighed in on how it will inflame the passions of Muslims worldwide. The Vatican has come out against it. General Petraeus has spoken of how it might endanger the troops in Afghanistan & Iraq. Several leading Muslims have warned of impending disaster from it.

Right now I don't give a fat rat's ass. As a matter of fact, I am sick and tired of hearing how the followers of the Pedophile Prophet will react to this. Fuck 'em!

If they riot in some shit hole country then I'd say the government of that particular toilet should act accordingly. It's their problem. Period. Let them learn some self control.

If there's an added threat to our troops stationed overseas due to a few books on the barbie, give 'em all fully loaded firearms and permission to use accordingly.

As for the Islamist idiots in this nation, the followers of that cult who actually make up less than 2% of our population, they should grow a thicker skin. End of story.

Nobody gets their panties in a twist when some fuckwad dips a crucifix in his own piss. Christians are just supposed to suck up and take it. And Christianity is the religion cited for being SOOO violent. It supposedly helped unhinge Timothy McVeigh before he initiated the Oklahoma City Bombing. It's the religion known as being reactionary, the adherents are supposedly so homophobic, misogynistic, racist, anti intellectual, cultish, blahblahblah, on and on. But we're supposed to just sit down, shut up and quietly accept whatever insults come our way. Nobody breaks a sweat when a church or synagogue gets torched, no one wonders if the local Jews or Christians will erupt into mass violence. If they did then there would be calls for the outlawing of Christianity or Judaism because of it's violent tendencies.

Meanwhile, the "religion of peace" gets a pass when they riot over a few burned books. We have to "understand" them, show "empathy" for their long term suffering at the hands of the West and it's Zionist elements (love that one).

Give. Me. A. Break.

IMO the followers of the Pedophile Prophet should remove their collective head out of their 7th century ass and come on into the modern world.

Yes, the idiots who are burning the Koran are just that: IDIOTS! Yes, they're desecrating an item held as holy by many of the world. It's plain childish and despicable.

Tough shit. Deal with it.

Christians and Jews routinely have someone pissing in their holy water or on their menorah. Are we rioting? Has the Pope called on Catholics to kill Dan Brown for his "DaVinci Code"? When someone desecrates a Eucharistic Host is he strung up from the nearest church spire?


So lets stop worrying about what the Islamonuts will do. Their hurt feelings don't mean diddle squat.

Fuck 'em!


Unknown said...

I hear you, brother, loud and clear!

Rick said...

What we need is an international military alliance to defend Christians, Hindus, Jews and anyone who is attacked by Muslims all over the world. I know it is complicated given the national jurisdictions and all. But, we need to starting talking about the idea and see what comes up. No one should become helpless prey to these terrorists.

Subvet said...

Arby, nice to know I'm not alone.

Rick, given the tendency for Western nations to bend over backwards for the Islamists, alliances such as that will have their start at local levels, hopefully to grow into national and then international entities (instead of being suppressed at their beginning). We're a long way from that. But we have to start somewhere. The Islamofacists aren't going anywhere, they'll be around for a few more centuries at least. So what you propose may eventually happen.

Gospace said...


That's all that need be said.

sig94 said...

We need to take back the legislatures and the courts and restore some version of sanity to America. Then every time an American is killed by an Islamic terrorist, we take out a Muclim city. After a few cities are leveled, they will get the picture.

Subvet said...

Harold, thanks for the "ditto". Come back soon.

Sig94, we should start with Mecca and level that black block. Give them 48 hrs notice to clear the city and then nuke it.

MightyMom said...

I thought you said you were gonna use harsh language

Did you forget to put in the harsh language??

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