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Sunday, August 15, 2010

The shape of things to come?

Found this via at
Freedom off menu
By Tom Purcell

After a big meal, I fell into a restless sleep and dreamt it was 2050 ...

"Follow me," said a jittery old man as we hurried through a dark alley to a warehouse door.

The man knocked on the door five times. It opened and we entered.

"Where are we?" I said.

"The last refuge of freedom," said the man as he lit a cigarette and took a deep drag.

"I don't understand."

"Don't you remember 2010?" said the man. "The government passed sweeping health care reform that, 15 years later, led to the collapse of the private system. It was replaced with a government-run single-payer system."

"It was?"

"Sure. Now the government taxes the people to create its health care budget and pays for everyone's care," said the man. "It was only a matter of time before it started controlling people's behavior."

"With sin taxes?"

"It started that way," said the man. "High taxes on alcohol, tobacco and sugary treats generated needed revenue at first, but soon the government wanted total control."

"Total control?"

The man led me to another door in the back of the room. He knocked five times and said, "Cholesterol lives!"

The door opened and we were led inside.

I saw a woman sitting at a table, devouring ice cream from a five-gallon bucket.

"Ice cream production ceased with the Rocky Road Elimination Act of 2022," said the man.

"They banned ice cream!"

Another man was tearing open packs of strawberry Zingers and stuffing them into his mouth, four at a time.

"Zingers, too!" I said.

"Yes," said the man, nodding, "as part of the Dolly Madison Cessation Act of 2024."

Across the room, a woman was eating fried chicken, a man was chomping on a corned beef sandwich, an executive in a business suit was chugging bourbon from the bottle, and a woman next to him was gulping coffee right out of the pot.

"They banned coffee!"

"Caffeine made people irritable and more likely to vote for Republicans," said the man.

"How did this happen?"

"It goes back to 2010," said the man. "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that nearly a third of Americans -- some 73 million people -- were obese."

"That was surely a problem, but how did it lead to bans?"

"Obesity is a leading cause of health problems and high health costs," said the man. "Once private insurance was gone, the government figured it had every right to ban behavior that caused it to spend more."

"This happened in America?"

"The government concluded people were too dumb to regulate their own diets," said the man. "You have to admit, a lot of people weren't eating right in 2010."

"It's true that Americans were fat and getting fatter in 2010," I said. "America's free, capitalistic system unleashed so much wealth in such a short period of time, there was an abundance of many things, including food.

"It's true that capitalistic efficiencies were applied to the mass production of food -- processed foods and fast foods were packed with calories. Government should require food makers to inform consumers about what they are eating.

"But what happened to freedom? How did my country slowly give up its right to make the most basic decisions?"

Just then a siren sounded.

"Raid!" shouted the old man as he grabbed a bowl of cigarettes and dived out a window.

Men in riot gear kicked in the doors. A stately looking man, who stuffed a cheeseburger into his suit pocket, was Tasered as he fled through a back door.

"Raid!" I heard again, then woke, breathing heavily but happy to return to 2010.

I think it's funny as hell, but at the same time I'm reminded that kids no longer can buy chips and a soda at many schools now. Our local school district spent about two weeks this summer providing free breakfast AND lunch to any kid who walked in the door. The reasoning was that it's vital to be well nourished for healthy, active play. I shit you not. They did it for as long as federal funding was available. I didn't blog on it because my I was so disgusted it wasn't funny.

There's a scene in the movie "To Live" where the family the flick centers around sit down and eats with the rest of the neighborhood. No one eats at home, communal kitchens provide all meals. This was in Mao's China, not some futuristic setting in a sci-fi flick.

We're on our way baby, heading there if we don't wake up and smell the coffee (while coffee is still allowed).


MightyMom said...

if they take away your coffee I'm dropping you off in DC!

Rose said...

Oh, the irony. School lunches are mass produced so cheaply, shipped in and warmed over in their single-serve containers.

News reports tell of schools getting meat that doesn't meet quality standards to get into the mainstream food supply. High fructose corn syrup, simple carbs and veggies and fruits--if there are any--that have been so heavily processed that you might as well eat the package they were entombed in.

But don't drink a soda at school.

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