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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just where in hell are we?

How did we get here? It's absurd. Imagine the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor being followed up by the sitting President claiming it was perpetrated by a unrepresentative portion of the Japanese people, because "we all know Bushido as practiced over there is about peace".

Following on with that, imagine an outpouring of sympathy for all Japanese as victims of imperial colonialism, an admiration for their past cultural achievements (even if those achievements had to be dreamed up), and an ongoing concern that the Japanese in this country not be "profiled".

Just how stupid would that have been? Chances are we'd see a Shinto temple near where the Arizona Memorial currently resides had that stupidity existed then.

IMO when 9/11/01 happened while Muslims danced in the streets after the perpetrators were found to be their fellow cult followers, all the stops should have been pulled out to wipe anyone associated with that "religion" off the face of the earth.

Yet here we are, almost nine years after 9/11/01. Look at what goes on.

The cult of Islam has gone from a item of curiosity to something factored into all discussions regarding religion in this country. This happens despite the fact that followers of the Pedophile Prophet make up less than 2% of the national population. That 2% figure is generous, many cite the actual amount as less than 1%.

The President and his immediate predecessor seemed to do whatever possible to downplay any connection between mainstream Islam and terrorist acts. I didn't know a lot about Islam before 9/11, but I've learned a fair amount since then.

I've learned how the Pedophile Prophet played everything for his personal gain. If his followers were limited to four wives, he get an exemption straight from Allah. If it worked to his advantage to suck up to infidels, he was all for peace. If it helped him to cut infidel throats then sharpen the knives baby, papa is going to work.

I've learned that every claim of Muslim tolerance was either an aberration or pure bullshit. I've learned that every country embracing this cult promptly became more backwards. I've learned that until oil was discovered under the sands these fools live on, the followers of Islam didn't have a thing going for them.

I've learned that the real problem isn't the Muslims, its the fools that enable them. If you don't think Muslims are stupid, consider how often they'll blow themselves up making a bomb. When the IRA was actively involved in terrorism we didn't hear near the stories of that sort coming out of Ireland. The same goes for the Basques in Spain, the Shining Path in Peru, etc. So left to their own devices the majority of Muslims are their own worst enemy.

That even includes the fools who perpetrated 9/11. We've never really heard just HOW they got those box cutters past security. Did the right palm get greased? Had airport security just gone to shit over the years? Either way, it involves malfeasance on the part of someone besides the 19 scum who brought the planes down.

Like I said, it's the enabling fools that we have to worry about. And it's about those fools I'll focus on now.

Yesterday I heard a pundit on EWTN radio speaking on how lack of anger might be sinful.

The contention was that a lack of anger when evil is perpetuated is likely to lead to an apathetic response to that evil.

IMO that's what we see now and it predates 9/11/01. Our cultural emphasis has been to "go along to get along". For that reason a lot of traditional values have been jettisoned. Those values would include patriotism, a sense of honor, seeing the world's problems in terms of right or wrong with no varying shades of gray, and the abhorrence of immoral acts and ways of living. When these items leave the population at large, we get general apathy, relativistic thinking, a lack of shame. We get where we're at now.

This is evidenced by (going back to the examples of 9/11) the near silence of outrage over both the Flight 93 Memorial and the mosque being built near Ground Zero. That last IS getting a whale of a lot more attention. But that attention would've been considerably less without the alternative media.

The only thing that makes remote sense is that we've been lulled to sleep by the progressives in our schools, media, political circles and entertainment industry. These dingbats, who all have the view that no one will perpetuate evil upon another if enough empathy is shown, have sung a siren's song while the ship of our nation has crashed onto the suicidal reefs of passivity.

We didn't get here overnight, we won't get out of it quickly. I wonder if we'll have the time needed.

To broaden the scope a bit, the same suicidal mindset applies to the illegal alien problem. Just why the hell aren't we up in arms over having 12 million or more people in this land illegally, siphoning off our resources in health care, economic aid to the poor, public education. This is done while at the same time filling our prisons with a disproportionate amount of felons, making entry level jobs harder to obtain for poor minorities native to this land, fueling our illegal drug culture. Yet we just read the news, shake our heads in disgust and turn the page.

We're asleep. We're lulled by the lullaby of hearing how they "do the jobs Americans won't", how the vast majority just want to improve their lot in life. That the income placed into Social Security by illegal aliens out weighs that which is spent on their welfare or incarceration. That song has been sung for generations now, and it goes on.

That mindset doesn't stop there either. Look at the acceptance of "alternative lifestyles". I'm not just talking about homosexuals but let's start there and work on.

For beginners, homosexuality is an aberration. Period. End of story. Show me a gay man or woman and I'll bet dollars to donuts they've other problems such as substance addiction, childhood sexual abuse, a highly dysfunctional family of origin, etc.

Yet we just go along to get along. Now it's gotten to the point that Limbaugh, Coulter, Beck, and other conservative talking heads will espouse the "personally opposed but if you're gay I think it's okay" line. Noted.

If it's just an "alternative lifestyle" tell me why the HIV virus has been spread primarily due to sexual acts popular with the homosexual community? That includes those cases brought on by dirty needles and heterosexual sex. Trace the virus back far enough and you'll find an addict who got their fudge packed, perhaps a seemingly heterosexual man or woman who secretly swings from both sides of the plate.

But we stay mum so as not to appear "judgemental". Now it's to the point that anyone saying active homosexuality is in itself an immoral, dysfunctional behavior that should be curbed will get you labeled a bigot. Look out for those pitchforks and torches when the "B" word gets thrown at you, your lack of tolerance will not be tolerated in this tolerant society.

There are other areas too where this poisonous mindset attacks us all. Think of how sexual promiscuity has become so accepted that for a woman to "wait until marriage" is considered note worthy.

The mindset I've been talking about is in our churches, schools, families, everywhere.

For a local example of how it thrives in our churches look here;

For what might be happening in our schools;

As far as families, are my in-laws the only ones where openly gay aunts, uncles and cousins are never brought to account for their "lifestyles"?

So, how the hell do we get out of this damned mess? How do we start learning to really give a damn about the things that are important, learn to speak up no matter how unpopular it might make us?

I wish to hell I knew. I pray a lot, that's pretty odd for a submarine auxilaryman but I do it. I try to voice my thoughts at times, both on this blog and in the local fishwrap. I send off letters at times when I hope it'll do some good.

But I don't know. Maybe it's all just like taking a piss while wearing a dark suit, you'll feel good but no one will ever notice.


WomanHonorThyself said...

keep sharing and keep prayin for sure!!!

Bill said...

Thanks for speaking the truth, plain and simple! I especially liked the part about the conservative talking heads who are really just in it for the money. When the going gets tough,they'll disappear. Right now, they are just capitalizing on a 'fad' but if it would ever come to a revolution, something more than blabbing in a microphone,something involving physical losses,good luck finding them.I'm just sayin'

Subvet said...

WHT, will do and thanks for stopping by.

Bill, I appreciate you kind words. Yep, too many folk are in it just for the dough. I've a feeling that all too soon we'll see the wheat winnowed from the chaff in that area. God help us all.

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