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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm a prude...

Ever notice how close "prude" is to "prune"?

In a recent post two commenters questioned the main thrust of the article I had pasted and copied, this would be

Since Arby & Cookie have both feet on the ground, I didn't dismiss their puzzlement out of hand. The conclusion I came up with is that they're right, there is no real "porn" shown on the Sears site. At least not in the accepted meaning of the word. There is plenty of "intimate" apparel in an area only adults should view, but nothing really beyond risque.

Thinking more about it, I realize my values have shifted quite a bit over the last couple of years. Just the other day as I sat in a waiting area for my car to be serviced by the dealer, another customer walked through with her kids. Both she and her daughter were in "granny" dresses that reached from shoulder to ankle. A few years ago I'd have tried not to laugh. This time I had to restrain myself from going over and congratulating "Mom" on the modesty of her girl's clothing. Go figure.

For the sake of anyone reading this, I haven't "seen the light" or any other shit like that.

To put a label on it, I'm tired. Tired of checking out the tits and ass of the women I see whether I want to or not because they're so prominently on display. I'm tired of seeing women with "tramp stamps" displayed above the waist of their lowcut jeans & shorts. Tired of glancing at the magazines near the grocery store checkout and noting the most prominent articles deal with how a woman can be a sexual dynamo 24/7/365. Tired of seeing middle aged harpies trying to dress like the skanks they were 20-30 years ago. Some of this can be avoided to a degree, but having the need to make the effort gets old real fast.

Not all the women I come into contact with fit those categories. Just too damned many.

So call me a prude. The name fits.

Hopefully the wife won't read this post. I often comment about putting our daughter into a convent when she hits puberty. That IS a joke but I don't need the better half to get nervous.


Mike in CT said...

Well, actually, your detractors didn't seem to do any research.

Here's the link to the products the article was talking about.

Not for viewing to get your groove on, just to prove that it's there.

Unknown said...

When I asked, “where’s the porn?” I wasn’t questioning your judgment. Around this house I am famous for not being able to find things online. Some days I cannot find my own blog. The wife is a sorceress online. She could find the length of your inseam. Times have changed, as have values, and some companies like Sears feel compelled to add a Frederick’s of Hollywood section to their online stores to capture a market and keep revenue flowing. It is their choice. As for women in public…I find women attractive no matter how they are dressed, with the exception of a few burly Mennonite women who look like they could take down a horse with their bare hands. And, yeah, I have a six-year-old daughter who will be a sixteen year old daughter one day, God willing. I know that men will be looking at her. We're starting karate soon.

Cookie..... said...

Very good honest self assessment matey. Always takes some courage to look at yourself in any respect. Good on ya!

Subvet said...

Mike, I didn't do enough research either. The lingerie section doesn't have the items you link to (BTW, those are DEFINETLY porn!) but some of the "intimate apparell" would just make my wife look like a tramp IMO.

So I'm still a prude!

Arby, "Fredericks of Hollywood" would constitute porn IMO. As for karate, my girl will get some of that and marksmanship lessons also. Because nothing says, "Get lost" like having a .38 in your face!

Cookie, thanks!

MightyMom said...

all this from the generation who watched Wonder Woman in the hopes she'd start running somewhere....anywhere.....


ps, I didn't follow the link. if it bothers you then there's a reason. prude or not prude.

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