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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I was terrified of dolls...

No kidding, the things scared the daylights out of me. No, it wasn't because I saw the movie "Child's Play", that flick was about thirty years down the road. I just had some fear of rubber or plastic people. Go figure.

That was until the age of 6 when Sister Mary Tarantula had me holding one in a school play. It was around Christmas and dealt with the five Joyful Mysteries of the rosary. For anyone not Catholic, one of those (The Presentation) has a holy man (Simeon) holding the baby Jesus and prophesying on His mother's heartbreak (among other things, hyperlink here). I was Simeon.

Sister M.T. let me know that firing a newborn Baby Jesus across the room was guaranteed to get me ejected and would eventually factor into God's final judgment of yours truly. Heavy stuff for a six year old but it worked!

Methinks the teacher cited below needs a checkup from the neck up, or at least a visit from a 300 lb., ruler wielding nun. Found the story at via;

Berlin – A German court on Tuesday threw out the case of a schoolteacher against a pupil who had allegedly been tormenting her by scrawling pictures of rabbits on the blackboard.

The court in Vechta, northern Germany declined to hear the complaint of the teacher, who was seeking an injunction against the 16-year-old girl to stop her from making the drawings or claiming the plaintiff had a paralysing fear of rabbits.

"The plaintiff now has a month to appeal the verdict," the court's chief judge Mechthild Beckermann said, declining to elaborate.

Witnesses had told the judge that the teacher ran sobbing out of the classroom when she saw the image of a rabbit on the blackboard. The girl denied making the drawings.

Two years ago at another school, the teacher took a pupil to court and reached a settlement in which the teenager agreed never again to claim that the plaintiff "freaked out" when she saw a rabbit or heard the word.

Easter time must be pure hell for the woman. Why do I smell bullshit when reading this story?


Arby said...

There's a neat invention on the market. It's quite old. It's called an "eraser."

"Sister Mary Tarantula." That's a classic.

MightyMom said...

so this is (at least) the second studen this teacher has taken to court?? really???? guess she has to fill her summer hours SOMEHOW.....but geezzz...

Mary Ellen/Nunly said...

My 25 year old daughter is terrified of clowns, has been since she was a kid. We do all we can to torture her by wrapping gifts in clown paper, send clown cards, etc. I hope she doesn't hear about this and sue us.

I think this woman has more than a problem with rabbits, she just likes to make a quick buck off her students. Maybe she should get a new job as a lawyer since she seems to like the courtroom so much.

Subvet said...

Arby, an eraser? Really? Who'd a thunk it?

MM, yep.

Mary Ellen, look out for the coming law suit from your daughter. As for the teacher cited in the article, definetly someone looking for the money.

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THIS is depressing!!
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