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Saturday, June 12, 2010

On our way to 3rd World Nation status...

...Here we go folks and anyone who thinks the elections of this fall and 2012 will magically cause problems with this legislation to go away is in need of serious drugs.

Here's the hyperlink to the story;

I've really got a couple of problems with the "Too much CO2 will kill us" crowd. The first comes from never fully understanding how the amount of carbon dioxide generated is harmful. Yep, I know it could become a problem but I've never seen the proof that it is. I take any "studies" cited with a huge grain of salt, the reason why can be found in "Climategate" and it's offshoots.

Show me something solid, not just reams of paper.

The second problem I have is with the full throttle embrace of the unproven alternative fuels. Until something is fully developed and on the market we shouldn't be screwing ourselves by making use of current technology more expensive and difficult.

And if any treehuggers stumble across this post, save yourself some trouble and DON'T quote conspiracy theories of Big Business Power Companies stifling research and discoveries that would bring about a green Utopia. I don't believe it. Period. If such discoveries really existed you can bet every single Big Business entity would want to promote it ASAP in order to out perform the competition in the marketplace. For a historical example, makers of horse-drawn carriages didn't try killing off the nascent auto industry, they adapted their product to take advantage of it. Money talks.

But the treehuggers will push for the implementation of ever tighter emission controls. Since the EPA isn't elected, it can run rampant according to the desires of it's bosses. They'll enthusiastically push new standards until the political climate changes, at that time they'll drag their feet as much as possible to wear down the opposition.

Don't think the removal and replacement of whoever heads up the EPA will do much either, the true power is in the middle level ranks of bureaucrats and true believers. Remember that they not only have ideology motivating them, they'll also have job security concerns in the implementation of greater controls. So THAT group will be the last to enthusiastically abandon any green idiocy that will come.



ABNPOPPA said...


Like your song list. Love the Johnny Cash song. Sounds familiar from a long, long time ago. Course I like Johnny Cash anyway and did before he was popular with the "in" crowd.


Cookie..... said...

One of the aspects of Cap & Trade that really piss's me off and scares the hell outta me is that it will almost become impossible for me to sell my home if I were ever to decide to. Under C&T, a house can't be sold until it meets all EPA requirements and local code enforcement rules/laws. Insulation regulations/requirement, types of windows, heating system, etc..

My home was originally built as a camp in 1943, and over the years built onto and converted to year around living on the lake. To bring this house up to EPA requirements would absolutely be financially prohibative. The cost to me would be staggering and there is no way Cookie and wife, on retirement income only could ever afford to do it.

I'm a conservationist, hunter, camper and fisherman (as is my wife also) and we love nature and our planet, but I apply my beliefs with Common Sense regarding our environment and such.

As Yosemite Sam would say; Ooooo, I hates tree huggers!!

Subvet said...

Pops, thanks!

Cookie, you're citing the EXACT scenario so many of us have to fear. The tree hugging wing nuts won't give a rip about J.Q. Public, for them it's all about Mother Nature. IMO Mother Nature can take care of herself, she's done it for millenia and will continue long after we're all gone.

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