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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oldest mother in the world is dying...

Here's the link to the story, found via Creative Minority Report;

Leaving aside the issue of IVF (which has absolutely no redeeming value IMHO), I admit to being puzzled on the "issue" of an older parent.

If an older man fathers a child (Clint Eastwood is an example), we hardly bat an eye. Yes, his kids will be well taken care of but it's a fair bet he'll pass on before his youngest is out of their early 20's. So where is the condemnation of older fathers?

But let a older woman (40's) conceive or adopt a child after that time, and the condemnation seems to flow more freely. Why is that?

Parents can be lost at any age and not just through death. Our present culture has made divorce and the seperation of children from a parent (usually the father) almost a norm. So if an older parent can be relied upon to stay married to their spouse and raise a child to the best of his/her ability, why not?

This post IS slightly off the main topic of the story. But the subject of older parenting is related. As an older father (57 and my youngest is 3), I've a dog in that particular fight and would welcome any opinions/insights from others.

Because when we think we have all the answers we haven't heard all the questions.

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MightyMom said...

this story is vile...and sad.

why did she HAVE to bear a child in order to be a mother?? why didn't she adopt during all those years she wanted a baby???

but no. putting an age limit on parenthood is rather silly.

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THIS is depressing!!
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