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Thursday, April 08, 2010

"Gay" Corpus Christi play moves to Ft. Worth

Found this via Drudge at;

The gay Jesus play is back on!

After drawing much scrutinty when it was set to play at Tarleton State University, where it was eventually canceled, the play has found a new home at a theater in Fort Worth, the Dallas Morning News reports.

Though a specific date for the show has not been finalized, John Jordan Otte's production of Corpus Christi is expected to debut at the 250-seat Rose Marine Theater in May.

Adam Adolfo, executive director of the theater, is offering the theater to the students free of charge, and told the Morning News that it was important to him to give the Tarleton students "a place that is safe and supportive" to present their work.

Critics, who said the play was blasphemous, caused such a stir that the university became concerned for the well-being of those in attendance. First, they blocked access to the show by making it invitation only and then canceled the production outright just hours before it was to debut.

Otte said he is a gay Christian and chose the play to help other gay youths who may be struggling with their faith.

For those interested in contacting the Rose Marine Theater, here is the information provided at their websit. FWIW, the home page of this site contains a statement saying pretty much what the above article stated, i.e. they're only providing a safe and supportive venue for the students to present their work. Pontius Pilate would be proud.

Here is the info;

Rose Marine Theater
1440 N. Main St.
Fort Worth TX 76164
817.624.8333 Ph.
817.624.8258 Fax

General Inquiries:

Adam Adolfo,
Executive Director

Maria Solano,
Managing Director

Mark Alcala,
Programs Director

Rob Bosquez,
Teen Troupe Director

Anthony Marquez
After-School Coordinator

Michael Rodriguez,
Film Teacher

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