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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The UMC and Madame Pelosi

Washington, DC ( -- During closing remarks before the House of Representatives approved passage of health care legislation, Speaker Nancy Pelosi thanked left-wing religious groups for their enthusiastic support. The United Methodist Church was specifically cited for having lobbied Congress to "Say yes to health care reform."

"That is why we're proud and also humbled today to act with the support of millions of Americans who recognize the urgency of passing health care reform," Pelosi declared from the House floor. "And more than 350 organizations, representing Americans of every age, every background, every part of the country, who have endorsed this legislation."

"To the American Medical Association, the Catholic Health Association, the United Medical -- the United Methodist Church, and Voices of America's Children. From A to Z -- they are sending a clear message to Members of Congress: Say yes to health care reform."

Pelosi's web site lists major pro-Obamacare groups to which she thanks.

The site names the National Council of Churches, the United Methodist Board of Church and Society, and Faithful Reform in Health Care, a coalition that included Mainline Protestant agencies.

Institute on Religion and Democracy president Mark Tooley commented: "Religious Left activists primarily see religion as an organizing tool for extinguishing private alternatives to state control of health care and virtually every other facet of human life."

The bill was soundly condemned by pro-life groups for expanding abortion and abortion funding.
The UMC is pretty explicit about their support for women's "reproductive rights". It's spelled out in their governing document, "The Book of Resolutions".

That was THE reason my wife left after being a lifelong member. Just couldn't stick around for a denomination that condones killing babies. Unfortunately too many of her former coreligionists took the attitude of, "Well I'll work within the church to get that changed." Noted. If their efforts were gunpowder they couldn't collect it all to blow their noses, one nostril at a time.

Revelation 3: 15-16

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