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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Obamacare and class envy/warfare...

So for the sake of argument, let's assume Obamacare DOESN'T pass. What can we expect from B.O. & Co. then?

Since so many Obots are programmed to view the world through a lens of class envy/warfare, I believe there will be an outcry about how the plutocrats and their Republican lapdogs have taken healthcare away from needy children and oldsters. As an example of the mindset, look to many of B.O.'s speeches that attack Big Business, Big Medicine, etc.

There will be politicos aplenty who will jump on that, the race card is getting real old so something has to take it's place. Victimhood always works, EVERYBODY wants that status. It has glamor and, provides a ready excuse for failure.

Remember the appeal of "Rocky"? Being the underdog/victim in America is a ticket to fame & fortune.

So IMO, should the health care bill die a deserved death we'll be seeing a lot more strife and contention in the political arena for the foreseeable future. Don't look for peace, harmony and a return to sanity. We're STILL in for a long, rough ride.


Adrienne said...

Sub - either way there will be strife.

It passes and the middle class gets it in the shorts and becomes even madder at the bums and illegals (and does a better job of hiding income, etc)

Obama stock in trade is class envy. That's how he gets what he wants. He, his puppet masters, and his minions are evil - and I don't say that lightly...

The Dutchman said...

Okay, wages are down 30% since 1972, unionization is down to 12.5% from a high of 33.9% in the 1940's, all of our good manufacturing jobs are being shipped overseas, and when someone objects to this FORTY YEAR WAR ON THE WORKING-CLASS, you accuse the workers of "class envy?"

What kind of proof do you need that both parties are controlled by big businesses that are out to screw the workingman?

Subvet said...

Adrienne, bingo. Couldn't agree more.

Dutch, (yawn) noted.

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