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Monday, March 22, 2010

The demise of America via the Catholic Church...

Unless God decides otherwise, our nation as we know it will shortly die and those of us who are Catholics will be the instrument of it's demise.

I'm referring to the Executive Order promised Rep. Stupak to have him change his vote to "yes" for the healthcare bill. That EO will supposedly mirror the language of the Stupak Amendment for the original House version of the bill, thus insuring no federal funds will be used for abortion.

If that EO is written it will imply the President has the ability to arbitrarily modify legislation passed by the Congress, this is something we haven't seen before. In the opinion of quite a few pundits the resulting court case will go to the Supremes for resolution.

Catholics make up five of the nine Justices currently sitting on the bench.

If a Catholic Senator automatically excommunicates themselves by pushing a piece of proabortion legislation doesn't the same consequence follow for a judge who declares an Executive Order prohibiting abortions invalid?

Don't we Catholics routinely castigate the likes of Biden, Pelosi, etc. for not following Catholic teaching in their capacity of political leaders? Shouldn't the same measure be used for Justices Roberts, Alito, Thomas, Kennedy and Scalia?

What kind of Catholic would loudly condemn the healthcare bill because it allows abortion, yet root for striking down an Executive Order that would limit abortions? Aren't we supposed to Catholic first, American second? If that's true, then doesn't it follow we're to support this EO no matter what the cost to the nation?

Because of his beliefs regarding abortion, we've jeered and scorned any Catholic who voted for Obama. Abortion was THE issue for us, endorsing it entailed participation in a grave evil. Period and end of story. Now that we've this Executive Order on the horizon how can we in good conscience not hope for it to stand? Wouldn't working for it's failure also entail participation in a grave evil?

So if the EO is written and allowed to stand, we'll see a great expansion of power for the Executive Branch of our government. I seriously doubt the Founding Fathers would have thought it of little consequence.

Lets face it, nowhere in the Catechism is the USA singled out for preferential treatment by Christ or His Church. We are just one of many nations in the eyes of God. Period.

I'm remembering the Old Testament and how Israel would turn from God and be accordingly punished. They'd return and He'd once again show His favor to them, only for them to once again turn away.

There actually were a few times when God's wrath was stayed by the prayers and penance of the Israelis. Not many times, but a few.

I think it might be past time for us to hit our knees.


Bill said...

The EO Obama waved to Bart Sellout Stupak isn't worth the paper it is printed on. Obama knew that. Furthermore, the president can waive an EO at will. Thus, it will never go to court. Besides, the Dems would probably like to lose Stupak anyway, even if it's to a Republican (thinking they can get the seat back in 2012). So, Obama can say "thanks for your support" and rescind the EO. Stupak is left holding the bag, finding he made a deal for nothing. Even Judas got thirty pieces of silver. Stupak got a worthless piece of paper signed by a big zero.

Bill said...

Oh and I would add that where our church (as I am Catholic too) helped bring the demise of America is with the USCCB. They endorsed the original House version because of the flimsy Stupak language. Bishops are intelligent men. They could not have been naive enough to think that language would have survived a conference committee. In my opinion, they were more interested in socialist health care than they were in stopping abortions. Had the bishops not supported the original House bill, one or two House members may not have voted for it. The bill could have been defeated in the House last fall and never made it to the Senate. Thanks, USCCB, for bringing us taxpayer funded abortions.

Rick said...

Let us take back the Church. Why let the liberal nuns have it?

MightyMom said...

Rick, you got a plan for doing that?

ignorant redneck said...

I am appalled by the Health Care Deformation and Murderers empowerment act of 2010--but I am also appalled by the idea that POTUS can madify legislation by decree.

I actually think that the idea is that the EO will be thrown out on constitutional grounds, and then we will all be paying for abortions, that will result in us going to hell.

Remember: Our Fathers in the Faith were tortured to death for not offering a pinch of incense to the Emporers statue--we are held to the same standard, and cannot pay for abortions.

I am afraid.

Subvet said...

Bill, you're not saying anything I disagree with. MY point about the EO is it's potential to further damage the Church. IMO Obama has not problem with pursuing this thing all the way to the Supremes, why should he? It's nothing but a win for him no matter what!

Rick, those nuns are dying out and who the hell really listens to them (besides the MSM and their lapdogs)?

IR, we may not be tortured as the Roman martyrs were. But we'll find out soon enough to what lengths anti-Catholic feeling in this nation has grown.

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