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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gene pool pond scum.

Just when you figure the scum of society can't sink any lower, they get a shovel and dig. This was taken from of Feb 10, 2010. I was alerted to it by "Sandi" a commenter at the original post of "R.I.P. Senior Airman Bradley R. Smith":

Sheriff's investigators are looking for someone who stole the last remaining possessions of a dead Airman from his widow's rental car. Tiffany Smith came to Colorado Springs this week for a memorial service at Ft. Carson for her husband, Senior Airman Bradley Smith.

Mrs. Smith and her Mother-in-law were eating at the Golden Corral Restaurant on Waynoka Drive Tuesday afternoon when someone broke into their rental car and took several items. They include Senior Airman Smith's dog tags, laptops and digital cameras.

Senior Airman Smith died in Afghanistan alongside soilders from Ft. Carson in January.

Security camera footage from the parking lot shows a two-toned SUV as a suspect vehicle. Investigators say it appears to be a Chevy Suburban, dark in color, with running boards and a luggage rack.

The Sheriff's Office is looking for anyone with information about this crime to contact Detective Ralph Losasso at 719-520-7246 or anonymously at Crime Stoppers (719) 634-STOP (7867).

I understand that someone stealing like this wouldn't have that specific rental car singled out because of who was in it and why they were there. It was just the luck of the draw when the jerk broke into it. But once they checked out what they'd taken it had to be evident the loot contained the effects of a dead soldier.

Evolutionists claim we descended from the apes. This story has that whole descent thing covered.


Cut and Shoot said...

Maybe the Democrats are descended from apes but I like to think I have ascended with God's help.

Mike Golch said...

with all due respect to Cut and Shoot,the thief is someone who slimmed up from the gutter.we cannot ascend for our ancestors we all do ascent to HEAVEN WETHER WE ARE DEMOCRATS,REPUBLICANS ON ANR OTHER POLITICAL CATAGORY!

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THIS is depressing!!
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