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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Royal Navy bowing to the winds of Political Correctness...

Can we be far behind? Found this via

Women could soon be allowed to serve on Royal Navy submarines for the first time.

Senior naval figures have opposed allowing women on subs due to the cramped conditions on board and the dangers posed by fumes inside the vessels to a foetus if a woman is pregnant.

But a review of the ban was ordered last year following pressure from Labour figures keen to introduce full equal opportunities for women in the Armed Forces.

The Royal Navy's new Astute attack submarines could easily be adapted to accommodate women and the Ministry of Defence has said that in the design of the new Trident nuclear subs 'consideration will be given to the possibility of women serving in the future'.

A ministry of Defence source told the Sunday Times: 'It looks likely that women will be allowed to serve on submarines.'

Defence chiefs are expected to veto a similar move to allow women to serve as frontline infantry.

The Australian, Canadian, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian navies already allow women to serve on their submarines.

If the Royal Navy allows the move, only mine-clearance diving units and the Royal Marines would be closed to women in the Armed Forces.

Armed Forces commanders concluded last month that women lack the upper-body strength and physical resilience to withstand intensive combat on the front line.

Tests have found that women were eight times more likely than men to sustain injuries other than wounds in action and there were also concerns that infantrymen's first instinct would be to defend women fighting alongside them that to attack the enemy.

If any Brits are reading this, you have my sympathies. We'll be joining you in this insanity soon, I have no doubt at all about that one.


Mike Golch said...

This is going to sound verry un p.c.I agree that women have the right to server in the Navy just about anywhere.That being said there is no room for women on a submarine.I draw the line on that one.all this out of an Air Force guy.

Subvet said...

Mike, the hell with being politically correct. This will make crew morale on the boats take off like a mudseeking missile.

Bill said...

If this occurs in the USN,this may cause a mass exodus of the best and brightest that now man the greatest submarine fleet in the world. Being a no nonsense, no drama guy,I know that I would be ending my service at that point.

Subvet said...

Bill, I have no doubt that exodus will happen. You can start with all the CPO's, SCPO's and MCPO's who don't want the headache of dealing with sexual games/politics.

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