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Thursday, January 21, 2010

R.I.P. Pfc. Geoffrey A. Whitsitt

Army Pfc. Geoffrey A. Whitsitt

21, of Taylors, S.C.; assigned to the 118th Military Police Company (Airborne), 503rd Military Police Battalion (Airborne), 16th Military Police Brigade (Airborne), Fort Bragg, N.C.; died Jan. 13 at Combat Outpost McClain, Afghanistan, of wounds sustained when enemy forces attacked his vehicle with an improvised explosive device. Also killed was Staff Sgt. Daniel D. Merriweather.

(Taken from of Jan. 19, 2010)
GREENVILLE, S.C. -- Funeral services have been scheduled for an Upstate soldier who was killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan.

Twenty-one-year-old Pfc. Geoffrey Whitsitt's vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device on Jan. 13, officials said.

According to the Facebook page of Whitsitt's mother, funeral services will be held on Saturday, Jan. 23 at 11 a.m. at North Hills Community Church in Taylors. The Web site said that the burial would follow at Woodlawn Cemetery.

Whitsitt's mother said on the social-networking Web site that she would like people to buy flags to line the route that Whitsitt's procession will take from the church to the cemetery. She said that a procession will also take place from Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport where his body will arrive to Woods Funeral Home. The date and time of that procession was not immediately available.

According to the Web site, additional details about funeral plans for Whitsitt will be released later.

Whitsitt's father said his son made the ultimate sacrifice, doing what he always wanted to do. He said that Whitsitt had wanted to join the military since he was 4 years old.

Whitsitt was a 2007 graduate of Greenville Tech Charter High School and has an older brother, Steven, who is in the Navy.

Geoffrey Whitsitt would have turned 22 in February.


kristi cipolla said...

thank you for posting this. i was a friend of whitsitt's at fort bragg. he was deployed with my sister. his team leader, staff sgt merriweather was also a very good friend of mine.

Subvet said...

You're welcome and I'm sorry, your loss is one we all share. When good soldiers like these die we're the less for it.

Anonymous said...

i was an honor guard there and tha funeral affected me alot. hell he was 5 yrs younger then me. i feel deeply sorry for the family and i feel bad cuase haveing been deploied twice all i could think was that couldve been me that could be my WIFE they are handing that flag to. am i worng for feeling that way

Subvet said...

Anonymous, not a damned bit wrong. Thanks for your service, may you always recieve the recognition you deserve. God bless you.

Rachel said...

He was one of the first three friends I made in highschool at Charter. I was a freshman, he was a junior. I miss him so much.

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