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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Milwaukee: where the free rubber hits the road...

Just when you figure you've seen it all, along comes something to sadly prove you're wrong. (H/T Is Anybody There?)

The following link is from the site run by the city of Milwaukee, WI. where they're handing out free condoms to 12 year old kids;

This is beyond bizarre. I don't know what hits the hardest; is it the fact that the local government is doing this so openly without any kind of parental input, is it the fact that there is no apparent thought regarding moral outrage, is it because the public servants in that major city feel they're fulfilling their duties by pandering to teen promiscuity with no attempt at endorsing abstinence?

You tell me.

What hits me square between the eyes is the attitude that teens will inevitably indulge in sexual acts. This is taken for granted in such a blase manner that I truly wonder if anyone involved was actually a student in public high school 40-50 years ago. Take it from a veteran of the California school system in the 60's, getting laid was only a dream for the vast majority of hormonally supercharged males. We all survived with no trauma caused by enduring virginity into our twenties.

As a matter of fact, a fairly high percentage of those who "got lucky" back then found themselves handling fatherhood at a tender age. Nope, not a good deal.

So the notion that teens are humping each other like rabbits and those who don't are "misfits" is relatively new and being pushed by the mainstream culture. That's the same culture insisting the planet is burning up, aborted fetuses aren't "really" babies, there is a homeless "crisis" in America, obesity is caused by poverty. I could go on and on but you got the idea five minutes ago.

Just one question regarding this free handout of condoms. Are the people of Milwaukee capable of outrage over this?


Unknown said...

I agree with you that this is an outrage. Unfortunately, teens are humping each other like rabbits nowadays. I saw it as a teacher in the public school system. The steady supply of pornography available to children through the internet and cable TV ( both supplied by parents more often than not) has led to a society where children try what they see more and more. “Sexting” is common (too common), and when kids see stars like Vanessa Hudgens getting away with it, what is stop them?

sig94 said...

I listened to the cops who worked in the schools and the teachers are just as bad. Kids are having sex in the public schools and the teachers just laugh at it and compare their "techniques" on their boyfriends with other teachers - all with a uniformed cop standing next to them. Their consciences are seared, scarred and hardened, just as the Scriptures said they would be.

Mary Ellen said...

As Arby said, teens are having sex and I don't think that giving away condoms are the cause of it. Of course, common sense would say to get at the root of the problem...the flow of pornography to children, better supervision at school and more discipline would be a good start. Handing out condoms is nothing more than a "band-aide" to try to fix a problem that is already out of control.

I can't always blame the parents, though. When society is so ready to accept this behavior, and the kids are with their social peers more than they are with their parents. Think about it, most kids these days spend a short time with mom or dad in the morning before school and come home to an empty house until their parents arrive after work and then they are either up in their rooms on the computer, talking to their friends on the phone, or playing video games. Dinner is often eaten quickly and the kids rarely will choose to hang out with mom and dad and watch TV together or spend any quality time.

It's the entire breakdown of the family unit that is destroying our children, IMO.

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