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Sunday, December 13, 2009

About a "one child" mindset...

I've come across a few items regarding some nutcase in Canada endorsing a "one child" policy, supposedly the Chinese are in Copenhagen proudly speaking of their own. This is being pushed in the interests of saving the planet. You know, because humans are just toxic waste generating engines with no redeemable values.


The damndest thing is, I'll bet this becomes a major talking point for the worshippers of Gaia. If enviornmentalism doesn't qualify as a religion I'll eat this keyboard. The true believers are out in force and they'll soon be happily chirping the party line for this crap.

Anyone with a large family is almost automatically deemed "weird" these days (unless they live in Utah maybe). You should hear some of the comments the War Department receives when new acquaintances find out the spread in age just amongst our three (it's less than four years from oldest to youngest. What can I say, Texas has had a few cold snaps since I moved down here.)

This notion of being "weird" comes when childbirth is safer than ever before and the social safety nets in place insure children will be adequately taken care of. As proof of this, just check out your local school lunch programs. I ate lunch with my oldest the other day (we both brownbagged). Not a bad menu they have at the cafeteria, I didn't even see "mystery meat". That was pretty much a staple back when I went to school.

So you'd think in this day and age having a load of kids wouldn't raise eyebrows. It does though, guess we can thank the feminazi movement for that one. According to them no woman can be truly "liberated" and have several kids. Noted again.

So we've already got a culture that looks askance at large families. With the growing worship of Gaia I'll bet the next thing will be a push for a max of one child per family. Don't think the cultural elitists will be backwards about voicing the virtues of going fully childless either. Those of us with more than two kids will be deemed enviornmental pariahs, to be shunned at all costs.

Yep, that whole "culture of death" mindset is alive and well.


MightyMom said...

the nice thing about that plan is that it's supporters will dwindle in numbers while we MULTIPLY...

and it's 3 kids in 39 months thank you..I earned the right to count months instead of rounding!!!

Subvet said...

Three in 39? Gee, that almost makes it sound stressful. The truth is, I never felt a thing!

Now excuse me, I've got to go make up the sofa. I'll be sleeping there tonight.

Mary Ellen said...

Ya know, subvet, if there was a story in the news about our government forcing dogs or cats to only have one puppy or kitten and if pregnant with more than one, the pregnant dog or cat must have the other puppy or kitten "fetuses" removed before birth, there would be a backlash like you've never seen in this country.

But it's ok with some to limit women to one child. Sick, ain't it?

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