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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Planned Barrenhood: "We'll pick up our ball and go home..".

...we can only hope.

Washington, DC ( -- In the fallout from yesterday's votes on the government-run health care reform bill and the Stupak amendment to remove abortion funding from it, pro-abortion groups are angry and upset. They promise to press Democrats in the House and Senate to remove Stupak and say they will oppose the bill if not.

"While there are some who are satisfied with the health care reform bill that passed in the House of Representatives late Saturday night, I am not one of them," Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards writes in a tersely-worded email. (Boo fricking hoo sweetheart.)

Richards said "the Planned Parenthood Federation of America has no choice but to oppose HR 3962" now that the Stupak amendment has been added. (That is actually good news. The abortion lobby has a lot of clout and maybe between them and the prolife contingent Congress will find itself caught between a rock and a hard place. Maybe the only choice will be to scuttle the thing entirely. Wouldn't make me lose any sleep.)

She complained that despite the aggressive efforts her group took to defeat it, the Stupak amendment passed by a large bipartisan majority and "the bill that passed late Saturday night includes a ban on private abortion coverage." (Keep those cards and letters coming folks, remember how the immigration reform bill died from all the flap and furor.)

Richards said in the email obtained that her group would put enormous pressure on pro-abortion President Barack Obama to ensure that the health care bill in the Senate keeps abortion funding currently in it.

"Opponents of legal abortion and health care for women are emboldened by Saturday night's vote and ready to bring their ban on abortion to the Senate floor. But now it's our turn. And this time we are going to use our strongest weapon: the White House," she writes supporters today. (Butbutbutbut....didn't The One say there'd be no public coverage of abortion in "his" plan? Seems it's time to write the White House too.)

"That's why, today, we are calling on President Obama to ensure that lawmakers, especially those in his own party, support health care reform that protects women's access to reproductive care as the next round of debate and voting occurs in the Senate," she added. (Love the euphemism, it isn't abortion it's "reproductive care". What a steaming crock of shit.)

Richards said Obama needs to make good on his quid pro quo he promises Planned Parenthood before the presidential campaign.

"Obama campaigned on a promise to put reproductive health care at the center of his reform plan. Supporters of women's health voted for him and contributed to his campaign in record numbers — and now it's time for the president to reaffirm his commitment," she writes. (Sounds like she's stressing that he's bought and paid for. Noted for future reference.)

The pro-abortion National Organization for Women also says it is opposed to the House-passed health care bill now that the Stupak amendment has been added.

"We cannot and will not support a health care bill that strips millions of women of their existing access to abortion," NOW said in a statement received.

NOW said it calls on the Senate to approve a health care bill with government abortion funding intact and "calls on President Obama to refuse to sign any health care bill that restricts" taxpayer funding of abortions. (Works for me. Don't sign the sucker. Don't sign ANY of 'em!)

Pro-abortion groups will likely receive support from the same pro-abortion lawmakers who voted for the House health care bill last night.

House Minority Leader John Boehner asked three different committee chairman if they would ensure that the Stupak amendment remains in the final version of the health care bill that would eventually emerge from a conference committee and, in each case, they provided no guarantees.

Rep. Jan Schakowsky, an Illinois Democrat, told CSPAN she believes the language will ultimately be removed and vowed to vote against the final bill after conference if it was not.(Not good. How many of the pols who voted for the Stupak Amendment did so with this in mind?)


Rosedale Toronto said...

The two things I really hated about the US bill (theoretically speaking, since I'm Canadian and it won't really affect me) was the state funded abortions and suicide counselling for seniors. At least the 1st one's gone already.

I've seen many blogs stating how much the abortion costs in the 1st trimester and in later stages, which was supposed to be an argument in favour of state funded abortions.. I mean the youngest ever premature baby that survived was born after only 22 weeks!

"Love the euphemism, it isn't abortion it's "reproductive care". What a steaming crock of shit."

Absolutely agree.

Cookie..... said...

I barraged all NYS Reps and Senators with E-mails and letters to 1), vote against the entire Health Care bill, but mainly, to allow the Stupek ammendment into the bill. Taxpayer funded abortions CANNOT be tolerated. In fact abortions themselves can't be tolerated, but one step at a time.

If you followed the Congressional race for the 23rd District here in New York, although the all the polls showed that the Conservative, Doug Hoffman was way ahead of the Democratic canditate Owens before the election, but somehow Owens won. ACORN had flooded the area with their people so I can't help but wonder how many phony Mickey Mouse and Babe Ruth votes there were to puch him over the top.

At any rate, Owens (Democrat) had promised during the election that he would NOT support the healthcare bill and would support the Stupek ammendment beimng added. Well Sir, surprize surprize, a few day after the election, he announced publically that he changed his mind on these two critical issues. ALL politicians are lying sons of bitches and will say anything to get elected or re-elected. I'm so sick of both parties.

Subvet said...

Elli, thanks for the comment. Nice to know our northern neighbors are watching.

Cookie, does Owens qualify for some kind of prize? Seems he may have set a record for breaking campaign promises so soon after an election. And yeah, both parties suck on toast.

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