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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Inside the mind of an abortionist...

This is macbre. He knows he's killing a human, he prays about it, he thinks it's necessary. Found at;

DALLAS - Dr. Curtis Boyd is no stranger to controversy. In 1973, Boyd opened the Fairmount Center, which was the first abortion clinic in Texas.

Boyd is the only doctor in North Texas who will perform late-term abortions to women up to six months pregnant.

"We see patients from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and across Texas," he said.

Now, the doctor has made a jarring admission.

"Am I killing?" Boyd said. "Yes, I am. I know that."

Boyd said he is an ordained Baptist minister who has now turned Unitarian. He said he prays often.

"I'll ask that the spirit of this pregnancy be returned to God with love and understanding," he said.

Those prayers are vastly different than the ones that are made by members of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee who gather outside his office in hopes to sway women seeking abortions.

"Well, we're certainly disappointed to hear any unborn child will be killed by abortion," said Karen Garnett, with the Catholic Pro-Life Committee. "But, to hear it's a late-term abortion in Dallas, once again, it's particularly devastating."

The doctor opened the Southwestern Women's Surgery Center last week on Greenville Avenue. By law, Boyd must have a surgery center in order to abort a fetus more than 16 weeks along.

But, opposition to the late-term abortions doesn't just come from religious groups. Rep. Jeb Hensarling, whose district is where the surgery center resides, told News 8 he is troubled by the facility as well.

Boyd said he too has been troubled, but said his plight comes from the torment that drives patients to seek his services.

"The hardest ones are the young girls," he said.

Girls as young as nine and ten have come to his clinic, he said.

Death threats have become a norm in Boyd's life. He was a close friend of Dr. George Tiller, who was a Wichita, Kansas abortion doctor murdered in May.

"I don't want the fate that befell Dr. Tiller, but I'm not going to be deterred because what I'm doing is important," he said.

Boyd said he tries to make his phone numbers and address as private as possible and has heavy security.

I'd guess even in Sodom & Gomorrah there were folks who felt justified in what they did.


Unknown said...

An ordained minister is "not going to be deterred because what I'm doing is important," even when what he is doing is killing, and indirect violation of Exodus 20:13,"You shall not murder." How is it that this man decided to place his will before God's will, and expects God to be loving and understanding? I'll never be able to wrap my mind around that contradiction.

Linda said...

Jesus' words from the cross, "they know now what they do". They knew they were killing, but did not KNOW. Should we look at this 'doctor' with the same eyes? I wonder....

I do believe that money is a powerful and controlling 'god'.

Jedijson said...

Amen! The more I take a look around, the more I see us becoming another S&D. "Because it's the right thing to do."

I wish people understood that the "right" thing to do isn't always the right thing to do.

Mike in CT said...

Somewhere in our moving boxes I have a textbook from my philosophy days. We studied the moral reasoning of the Nazis they described in the Nuremberg trials.

The Nazis didn't want their officers to be unaware of what they were doing nor did they want them to be cold and lifeless. They wanted those who could recognize their squeamishness about their actions yet put it away while they were trying to refashion morals to their "higher good" for the glory of the Reich.

MightyMom said...

"I'll ask that the spirit of this pregnancy be returned to God with love and understanding," he said.


"the spirit of this pregnancy"????
in other words I'm just releasing the soul from this tiny body for God to have back....

oh yeah, you know...I don't like the guy down the street much...he makes life rather inconvient and even potentially dangerous with the way he drives his big red truck down our street so fast with music blaring...I think I might kill him by tearing him limb from limb....all the while praying that that the spirit of this man be returned to God with love and understanding

They call people like that sociopaths.

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