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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Walt Disney is spinning in his grave...

Bleagh! This make me yearn for the time when Walt Disney was running the show. Found via Pewsitter at ;

A pro-family activist says he's not surprised that the Walt Disney Company has named an open homosexual as studio head.

Disney announced last week it had named Rich Ross as studio chief. The 47-year-old television executive helped to revive the Disney Channel, and now will oversee all production, distribution, and marketing for the company's live-action and animated feature labels. It is the first time an open homosexual has been named to such a position.

Peter LaBarbera is president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality. He says although a boycott of the entertainment giant (initiated by the American Family Association) was called off several years ago, the company is still very homosexual-friendly.

"The sad reality is that whenever you see a homosexual activist at the top, nine times out of ten they end up pushing that gay agenda using their influence to push it wherever they can," states LaBarbera.

"It's the way the homosexual movement ends up influencing the country far beyond its tiny numbers," he explains. "They get in key positions of power, and then they use that power to advance their agenda."

LaBarbera says it is time for parents to get educated and to move away from Disney to family-friendly entertainment companies.

Disney went off the rails years ago. Does anyone else remember "Pocahontas" and "Fern Gully"? What a couple of tree-hugger propaganda pieces of trash they were!

So what next? Is Cinderella going to run off with the Fairy Godmother? Will Prince Charming take off with one of the Seven Dwarfs and leave Snow White cooling in the box?


reddog said...

Disney is huge in the Gay community. All my Gay friends and aquaintances have yearly passes to Disneyland, which hosts Gay events throughout the year. They were all Mouseketeers. They go to Disney movies. Collection of Disney items and memorabilia is very popular in the Gay community.

Makes sense.

sig94 said...

Mickey is selling crack whore Minnie's ass for cheese. Donald Duck is doing the same with his nephews. Fudge packer Goofy just died of Aids but not before he infected Mickey because, hey, Mickey is a switch hitter.

Walt Disney is spinning like an Irani uranium centrifuge ...

Unknown said...

Disney is going to win on this one because more Americans enjoy Disney and Disney products than will boycott Disney over this issue. It's that simple.

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