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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's almost Halloween...

...and the anti-Harry Potter fans are coming out of the woodwork on other Catholic blogs.

If any practicing Catholics know why the hell these books should be avoided, I'd appreciate some feedback. I've read all of them and don't see anything to get my undies in a twist about.

Yes, I know that J.K. Rowling said that one of the main characters (Dumbledore) was gay. That doesn't come through ANYWHERE in the book. Personally, I've always thought she was P.O.ed about having to answer stupid questions regarding the love interests of her characters. I mean c'mon, the woman has more money than the Queen of England yet still finds herself fielding dumb queries like that!

I admire her restraint, had it been me I'd probably have said Dumbledore gets into a menage-a-trois with Professors Snape and McGonagall, with Buckbeak the hypogriff joining in on occasion.

Anyway, anybody having some insight on this would be welcome to enlighten yours truly. Thanks.


VSO said...

I'll take a stab at it SV even though I've read them all too. Maybe because there really are witchcraft schools and stories like this make it seem cute and harmless the way Frosty the Snowman is brought to life through magic (from the play/movie Doubt). Magic I've heard is the devils work.

I don't have a problem with the books, but that kid who plays Potter is a confirmed heterophobe and fag pusher.

Subvet said...

VSO, Radcliffe has GOT to be gay. No doubt about that one. The War Department and I were discussing that recently, she pointed out some of the clothing he was photographed wearing to the premier of the latest movie. The boy is definetly light in the loafers, proud of it and (as you say) heterophobe.

Unknown said...

If you drill out the core of a drum stick, fill it with chicken feathers, wave it in the air, and shout some Latin sounding mumbo jumbo, you’ll have a better chance of actually performing “magic” than anything that you’ll learn in a Harry Potter book. At the same time, there is no reference to Christ or Christianity in the series. Many Christians object to that. There are many admonitions against witchcraft in the Bible. And there is the whole Harry dies and comes back from the dead in order to save the world that parallels Christ’s death and resurrection that bothers many people. But this one boils down to personal preference, and if you enjoy good reading (I’m on my gazillionth trip through book 6 – the best book of the series) HP, read and enjoy. If you don’t, shut up and let other people alone. As for Radcliff's sexual preferences, he's spoken openly about his dating preferences, and men were never mentioned.

Subvet said...

Arby, well said. And if Radcliffe isn't gay he's got to be colorblind, just going by the outfits he wears. I'm no fashionista but Yuck!

ignorant redneck said...

I was involved in the neo-pagan povement and witchcraft for years.

The people in that movement didn't thin highly of Harry Potter, and Harry Potter in it's essence is deeply Christian. After all, it's centered on sacrificial love, and doing what's right in the face of peer pressure. With overtones of resisting a government that facilitates lies and acomodation of evil in pursuit of percieved good.

Lord of the Rings is considered a classic of Catholic Literature, but doesn't mention Christ either.

Neither do the Narnia Books.

Actually, the "catholic" objections remind me so much of evangelical Christianity that I wonder what they're reading.

Lola said...

As far as Harry Potter, I only like movie 3, when Harry mets his godfather.
Bored to tears otherwise.

I think Radcliffe's clothing, well, he's English.

How many times have I heard a reference to mistaking an Englishman for gay? Too many even on tv.

But, the whole Hollywood world seems to be Heterophobe.

When 'straight' actors are calling for 'gay' marriage...

Subvet said...

I.R. thanks for noting the sacrificial love in HP. I always miss that.

With background you cite, I think it's a safe bet that Harry Potter isn't anti-Christian.

Subvet said...

Lola, Hollyweird is a strange place. No doubt about that.

And yeah, the English are horrible dressers! So maybe it isn't from being gay that Radcliffe wears a neon pink shirt and silver pants/jacket.

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