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Monday, September 28, 2009

Bits and pieces of my mind...

B.O. can fly over to Sweden to pitch for the 2016 Olympics to take place in Chicago but has only met with his top military man in Afghanistan once? Something is wrong with this picture, last time I checked we had no Americans being killed in the Olympics.

Notre Dame's President trying to peddle a prolife image is like a prostitute promoting her virtue. It would be funny if not so pathetic.

Notice how the war in both Iraq and Afghanistan have been relegated to the back pages the past several months? You can bet your sweet ass the military do!

Our culture has become deadened to the most outrageous acts as shown by a "sting" revealing ACORN officials willing to aid and abet the prostitution of underage foreign girls. In a country with a healthy regard for what is right the outrage would be deafening, we unfortunately muster only whispers about it. God help us.

I really am uneasy about the next few years, all it would take would be a major catastrophe for justification of martial law imposition. I believe our freedoms wouldn't be lost but the fighting involved in keeping them would forever scar this nation.

As uneasy as the next few years make me, I'm just as "edgy" about whoever succeeds B.O. He has a good chance of being totally ineffective at a time when we need strong leadership. The Wiemar Republic was ineffective when Germany needed strong leadership, they got that leadership by electing Hitler. We could go down the same road very easily. For anyone not believing it could happen, I recommend reading "It Can't Happen Here" by Sinclair Lewis. Oh yes it could!

Some time ago I heard that the reason God didn't want the Jews mingling with the inhabitants of Canna was He found their practices of infanticide abhorrent. For that reason Joshua was instructed to have all inhabitants killed with no mercy. Assuming that was the case, will we see a more righteous nation arise in the near future and kick our baby killing asses off the pages of history?

Last of all, I see that Sarah Palin's memoirs are coming out on Nov. 17. Anyone who thinks that woman will go quietly into the good night of public politics has their head up their ass. IMO she's here to stay and the Powers That Be need to get used to that idea.

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Arby said...

Unfortunately, the "powers" that be inside both parties will say and do anything to belittle Sarah Palin. The people are going to need to stand up en masse and get behind her for Mrs. Palin to succeed.

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