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Saturday, September 12, 2009

...and pray for the terrorists.

That's the addon I've seen at a couple of blogs that have prayers for the victims of 9/11/01. Almost an afterthought it would seem, one that needs to be on the list and mustn't be forgotten.

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten those scum.

I'll pray for the bastards when their "religion" that justified slaughtering almost three thousand innocents is relegated to a backwoods cult on the same level as the present day worship of Zeus and other Greek gods. I'll pray for them after every mosque in this country has been leveled and made into an overflow parking lot for the nearest Christian church or (better yet) Jewish synagogue. Sure I will.

This is stupid. Period. It's bad enough we don't wholeheartedly condemn this "religion" that endorses the subjugation of women and slaughter of nonbelievers that aren't already relegated to second-class citizen status. But that's just in line with our, "see no evil, hear no evil, everything is relative" mindset of current culture. The mindset that allows us to comfortably deal with repressive regimes (Saudi Arabia) in order to get the oil we need (rather than make a concerted effort to go energy independent via nuclear, coal, drilling our own lands for oil, etc.). We've gotten comfortable with that mindset over the years and don't even blink when hearing of large scale human rights violations. That's bad enough.

But after 9/11/01 we should have woken up and realized we needed to clean some house around the world if it was going to be safe for our kids/grand kids. There should be an active campaign to stop the "Religion of Peace" from spreading within our borders, followed up by efforts to eradicate it's influence and it's increase throughout the world.

Instead we're reminded that we should pray for the terrorists as well as their victims. Phooey.

It isn't just a Catholic thing either. It's across the board and anyone speaking out against it is labeled a bigoted Neanderthal that needs to strive for the improvement of their outlook.

Nor is it strictly a Democratic point of view, the Republicans (starting with our former President) constantly remind everyone that "everyone knows Islam is a religion of peace".

Seems too many people want to just throw flowers at the bastards, wish them well and know that deep inside we're all alike. Alike my ass, I don't want to kill every non Catholic I come in contact with.

Here's a reality check; If my son makes friends with two other boys, one the son of a chain smoker and one the son of an imam, which would it be acceptable to discourage his association with?

Five gets you ten nobody would blink if I said I don't want my kid around a lot of secondhand smoke. But the same folks thinking that's okay would start hysterically hyperventilating if I said I don't want the boy learning to hate women and Jews, avoid eating bacon and expressing a desire to check out the local Muslim worship services.

That's where we're at today. Eight years after 19 bastards inspired by this "religion" slaughtered 2996 of our fellow countrymen.

I don't really blame the followers of the Pedophile Prophet for these current conditions either. They're staying true to form. The ones I really blame are the "let's all get in a group hug" fools who push for greater acceptance of the same ideology that preaches it would be dandy if we were all either killed or converted.

Followers of the Pedophile Prophet are like rattlesnakes, dangerous but stupid. Their enablers are akin to neighborhood activists that would not only have us open the front door for the snakes, they want us to teach our kids to play with them.

So no, I won't pray for the bastards. Chalk it up to my own sinful nature. I'll limit my prayers to our military and our country, that it wakes up and successfully suppresses the murderous cult of Islam.


VSO said...

Hell no! It's a sin to pray for the damned. To Hell with jihadists. Literally.

Subvet said...

VSO, yeah. Hope every one of their 72 virgins is a bull dyke!

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